Thursday, September 5, 2013

One of those days...

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Good morning! Have you ever had one of those weeks...too much on your plate and as much as you try to keep all of the balls in the air you end up dropping something?

Yesterday I jumped out of bed to get to my dentist appointment and I was there a day early. Which would be funny if I had not written myself about ten notes with the correct day and date on them. Then I showed up at my eye doctors appointment and I was a day late! 

I mailed all of my October birthday cards but left the ones for September sitting on the desk.

I could go on and on but I do not want you to think I am a complete scatter brain. I think I will blame it on hormones, aging and the holiday.

Do you find yourself forgetting things like appointments, or even words as you age or am I the only one? Do share so that I do not feel so bad. 

I hope that you have a great day! See you tomorrow for my Friday Favorites!

S'mores oatmeal.
If you feel like you need a little mid-week pick me up visit Once Upon a Chocolate Life for some great s'more recipes that I am trying from The S'mores Cookbook by fellow blogger Susan Whetzel.


  1. Good morning dear friend!

    The beginning of the school year is keeping me on my toes here, so I'm cutting back on blogging. Good to see you here...I love Pinterest, but I've taken a liking now to Tumblr! How are you? Anita

  2. You had me laughing..YES have days like this often. And yesterday was no exception!! I am glad it's over and praying for a calm peaceful day today. A smores cookbook could be dangerous:) Hope today is a GREAT day!!

  3. I remember the word when I'm walking down the hall in the dark,or washing my hands, and then lightening strikes! Aha !, that was the word I was searching for 3 days ago! And no one is around to hear it. I enjoy your blog. Thank you for the morning giggle. JD

  4. I was a week early for a recent doctor's appointment!
    You are SO correct...I have to work twice as hard to remember the words to a new song, when can remember the words to almost every Beatles song.

    I have always told my children, that when they were born, I gave them a few of my brain cells, so they had to help me with my memory now and then. My daughter, laughs, now a mother of two, she calls it her "mommy brain"!

    You make me smile!

  5. Yes! Have this sort of thing happen all the time! I too have arrived at a dental office one week prior to my actual appointment;) .. and trying to keep organized.. where did I leave the sticky note?!

    The smore's oatmeal should help! When in doubt, have chocolate:):)

  6. Elizabeth, I am here to assure you, you are not alone. I have been slammed with appointments and meetings this week. I had one meeting on my calendar on three different dates. And, I was certain I had a hair appointment yesterday. The meeting was last night...the hair appointment is next Wednesday. I over extend myself far too often. We all need to slow down and just breathe. Have a good evening. Bonnie

  7. OMG, I can't ever remember what I am going for from one side of the house to the other. Hope your week gets better.

  8. Have not missed any appointments...but..items in my home seem to not be where I placed them..It's not because I'm going to be 74 this believe maybe the air conditioner must be blowing things around to different rooms..or maybe the cat is guilty.....Just saying....

  9. Yes, I get days like that, too!!! Lately I keep forgetting names of my customers. And I used to be soooooo good with names. So embarrassing. As for the Smores recipes, I've found heaven :) Hang in there, Elizabeth! The weekend is almost here.


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