Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pinterest Love

I mentioned yesterday that I was tying to figure out the myriad of social media options, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler and Pinterest and I am sure there are more that I have missed. I asked because I often feel "out of touch" if I am not abreast on the latest of these tools even if I do not use them.
Although I have a Twitter account I don't get it, rarely use it and do not think that I am getting anything from it. Facebook is where I re-post things from my blog simply because I was getting so many requests from people who said they did not read blogs but only used Facebook.
Aside from blogging, Pinterest is my favorite social media outlet. I love the fact that I can scroll through photos of recipes, and then pick out an outfit for Fall while looking for a paint color for a project that I am working on, in addition to learning how to make a magnolia wreath for the upcoming holidays! It is like subscribing to every magazine published and being able to "tear" pages from each one and then collecting them in a safe place but not having them take up space in the house.
I am embarrassed to write this but I have over 29,000 pins on 198 boards. Now, in my defense I have been a member for almost two years, so that is is roughly 39 pins a day. When you put it like that it does not seem so crazy, does it?

One thing that I did notice is that I sometimes pin things and never go back to look at the pins. Do you ever do that? 

I find that the pins that I often return to again and again are from my Chocolate board where I collect recipes for Once Upon A Chocolate LifeBooks where I pin books that I have read or would like to read, Recipes to Try where I have so many pins that I can now make something different everyday and not be finished for 5 years! And of course boards that have anything to to do with Fall and Christmas. 

I actually have several boards dedicated to the "most wonderful time of the year", you can visit my Christmas Desserts board and find a few new recipes to try this season, or you could visit my Christmas DIY board to find a few things to make for family and friends or learn about natural decorating and then find recipes for Christmas parties. 

Or you can just go to the "mother board" titled Christmas Love it has over 1500 pins, and highlights all of the best parts of the holidays.

Tell me what do you like/love about Pinterest? Do you have some favorite "pinners" that you follow? What is your favorite board or pin?

If you have a Pinterest page tell us or leave a link so that we can come and check out your boards. If you want to check out my Pinterest click the link above. 

Have a great day! 


  1. I love Pinterest, I am an older woman and still find lots to make, bake and love. My favourites would be the wonderful quilts I find and the knowledge from the women who sew just like me.

  2. I have no idea what twitter is all about either Elizabeth. I can barely use facebook but go on there because so many friends are on there. Pinterest is really for the weekend mornings for me otherwise there's the phone and email. I'm so out of touch with social media.


  3. Well I do dip in and out of Pinterest once in a while mainly if I am looking for recipes. I am hot-footing it over to your boards right this very minute Elizabeth:) x

  4. I had a membership in it; I still get the occasional email, so I suppose it's still active. Pinterest just felt to me like it would be draining time I didn't have.

  5. My name is Sandy and I am a Pinterest addict...

    Hi from Mexico, Elizabeth...:)


  6. Pinterest is my favorite social media site as well! I don't visit every day but when I do...Katie bar the door! I looked at your site and am now following you; interesting boards/pins. My Pinterest address is:
    I have 101 boards and 1600 pins. So many favorites, but I like gardening, beautiful spaces, healthy living..well I could go on.

  7. I'm glad you wrote this, I don't really "get" twitter either. I repost on my fb page, which is linked to twitter, so I get some love and followers thanks to that. I do go on occasionally and find some interesting posts and links, but I'm not as connected as some are. Trying to try it more and get the hang of it. It's all a matter of time, I guess, when I have the time I try to devote it to my blog, sometimes it's all I can do to get a few posts out a week.

  8. I missed this fab post. I love Pinterest, and actually need to get on the laptop to rearrange my boards. I quite like twitter and use it daily, it's a little like sending a text, though not private! Facebook is the one I find tricky, I think I need some tuition :-)


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