Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Social Media Questions

Good morning! I hope that you had a fabulous three day weekend! What did you do? Hopefully not work the whole time. I actually did not relax as much as I had hoped, too many things kept cropping up to finish. Oh well that is just the way life is sometimes. 

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I was thinking this weekend about social media and how inept I feel at most of it. So, I thought I would ask you what do you use? Are you on FacebookTwitterPinterest, Instagram and Google+? How do you keep up with all of them if you are? How do you post to all of them and keep it interesting? Or are you selective what you post to each one? Or do you post the same thing on all of them? And if you do, how do you post simultaneously to all of them?

Another question, when you are blogging from your Ipad which app is the most "user friendly?" I usually blog from my PC but hate to lug it around if traveling so I am looking for an alternate solution using my Ipad. Suggestions are welcome.

I love blogging but I have to be honest, it is hard for me to keep up with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest is a story for another day because that I always have time for but should I have a Google+ account?

I am looking forward to your suggestions and comments as well as any advice you can give. Thank you in advance for your help!

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Elizabeth, I am happy with them all but do not fret if I am not on them regularly. I rarely use Twitter, love Instagram and am off and on with Facebook. Pinterest is fun...but I have never considered the impact towards my blog. I have no idea what sort of traffic it generates. I am probably not the one to ask this question of! In regards to Google +... I ended up with it by mistake and kept on going. I have arranged for my posts to be forwarded. I have found non blogging friends via it, similar to Linkedin and enjoy it for that reason. Never a dull moment in the blogging world..is it?
    Be well my friend... xx

  2. You are asking the wrong person in me lol. I am a total "newb" as my kids would call it but will be coming back to see the responses! I need to get with the program but honestly fail to see what the fuss is over Twitter, Instagram,etc...and yet I know most are so excited over it. I guess I need to educate myself....hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  3. Oh, such overload, but I must say that I am obsessed with pinterest. Such an amazing source for everything you can think of!!

  4. Unfortunately I can be of no help here. I have a fb and use instagram but I'm not sure if it really impacts my blog or not. I've been told repeatedly that I need to use all these social media modes so it must do something! For me it's a time factor. It takes lots of time to keep up all this and I have to prioritize work, family, etc.. Hope you had a nice weekend!

  5. Hi Elizabeth...I participate in all of those, but not necessarily as effectively as I would like. I figure every little bit helps, right? I enjoy instagram but feel as though they should be own photos. Pinterest and Tumblr have become fun diversions for me but I don't really do much with the blog on them. I usually put my blog posts on facebook, google+ and twitter.

    Enjoy your day...xoxo

  6. Elizabeth, I am going to look forward to reading comments to this post. I would love an app to allow posting to my blog using my iPad. I don't always take my laptop with me when traveling. I'm afraid I am not very techie, and don't really have a lot of time for all the social media sites. Facebook and I have a love/hate relationship. I've enjoyed reconnecting with friends from long ago, but sometimes there is too much information is shared. Pinterest is my biggest weakness. Have a great week. Bonnie

  7. HI Elizabeth!
    My friend and I were just talking about this today.
    I really wish I had more time to blog. I do LOVE it, when I get the time.
    Pinterest is an addiction for sure! I am always on there looking for inspiration for the design jobs I am working on. It's better than magazines to me -- more current and up to the moment on trends, etc.
    I don't get Twitter! We opened an account a few years back for our little antique shop, but soon realized maybe we shouldn't be tweeting about where we are finding bargains because then our competitors might get there before we do!
    Facebook is great for connecting with old friends and family and so many other uses for businesses and blog support -- but it honestly scares me. I am so leery of what FB is doing with all our information and it seems that they are always changing policies and privacy settings without our consent. I am often tempted to go off the grid with my acct!!!

    It's hard to juggle life as it is without all these added techy distractions, isn't it!

    Google plus? I haven't subscribed yet because they ask WAY too many personal q's just for the sign up!

  8. Hi Elizabeth, what a great topic for a post.
    I will definitely be back to read your comments. I keep hearing how vital it is for a blogger to be connected on the various social media platforms but I feel like I can barely keep up my blogging. I don't know how I would find time for more. I do have my blog on FB for those who prefer to get my posts that way but I don't 'do' FB really. I can't get used to the voyeuristic nature of it and I could write a entire post on that topic. But I do enjoy Pinterest for the practical artistic inspiration. And my son tells me I'm now on Instragram although I thought I was keeping it private. haha. The next thing I knew I had 'likes' on a particular photo. So I guess I pushed the wrong button? See what I mean? Anyway. I keep telling myself as soon as I have a free moment I'll make an effort to learn more about these options but I guess it's not that important to me because I never do.

  9. I tend to be neglectful of posting at secondary sites, like Goodreads, LinkedIn, or Book Blogs. I always find myself playing catchup with several links in a post.

  10. I too am looking for info from others on how to post blog on iPad. I have a FB account but don't post there because frankly I'm a bit put out with it these days. Twitter account established but have never used it. Pinterest is the thing I use. No Google+. I need to become more knowledgeable on what all is out there, but who has time? I do well to keep up with regular blog posts. I'll be looking forward to what others say here.


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