Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Colors in Maine

Good morning! A couple of weeks ago I went on my first trip to Maine ( you can read about it Here and Here) and although I did not get to see the traditional "Fall Colors" I did manage to capture the local color. 

Maybe it is because I fell in love with Maine but everything seemed brighter, more scenic, the people seemed friendlier and more relaxed. It was one of those trips where you feel as if you are in Oz and everything is black and white and then turns to your technicolor dream.

Or it could have been something as simple as being away from work, the computer, and taking a holiday with my husband who made a point to be on holiday too. 

Whatever the case I thought I would share of few more of my photos from Maine and let you see the beautiful colors of my adventure. 

The quilt below was hanging in the front yard of a house along with 10 others and a sign that read "Quilts for Sale." It reminds me of the coat in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. .

It takes a lot of time and patience to create these quilts, something that I do not have. 

I do however have the patience to sit for hours enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean, there is something so peaceful and magical about it. Don't you agree?

I was in Maine for a week and I have almost 1000 photos! It is amazing that I didn't walk off a pier, get run over or even manage to see anything with my naked eyes for all of my picture taking. 

Do you enjoy taking photos? Do you take a lot when you travel? I will be honest there are places that we go back to again and again that we never take one new photo because we have so many from other trips.  

I hope that you enjoyed my take on the colors of Fall. 
Have a great day.


  1. Love your closeups. This would make a great storyboard.

  2. These have to be my absolute favorite pictures that you have ever taken my friend. The colors indeed are spectacular from any angle, any season up in Maine. HAVE A SUPER DAY! Anita

  3. These are beautiful! Looks like they could be made into a book....gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful colors Elizabeth. I can't wait to visit someday ;)

  5. These are some pretty pictures. We have never been to Maine but have family members that have been and they say it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing a snippet!


  6. Lovely shots!

    I do love taking pictures myself, and I have been to Maine, but it's about time I go back.

  7. Elizabeth, Your pictures are amazing. I always take a ton of photos, but I am also learning to put the camera down and enjoy the moment. Thank you for sharing you lovely holiday with us. I will be away, so I will wish you a happy weekend now.

  8. These are gorgeous, Elizabeth! You have quite the artist's beautiful...
    It wil be so special to re-visit these places again and again through your photos...


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