Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Thoughts

Good morning, I have a confession to make, I do not like Halloween. 

Halloween Witch Image Martha Stewart

OK, maybe I do not dislike the entire holiday, just the crazy scary stuff. What can I say, the stuff creeps me out. Always has always will. 

Black Widow Martha Stewart

Honestly why does everything have to be creepy zombies, vampires, weird monsters and all around nightmare inducing creatures and things? I do realize it is All Hallows Eve, and the Feast of the Dead...

Cute Chick from Martha Stewart

but, can't we balance it out with a few cute things to offset the ugly? A few Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, pumpkins and pups, throw in a chicken or a cheerleader and I would be happy.

Candy Bar Martha Stewart

I love the carved pumpkins, 

Image Martha Stewart

candy apples and giving out candy but the skeletons, ghosts and all the rest I can happily do without. 

What about you? Are you a fan of the creepy crawly, scary Halloween or do you prefer something a little less chill inducing?

Will you be handing out candy in a zombie outfit with fog and ominous music in the background? I will have my carved pumpkin lit with a candle, a big bowl of treats, pup at my side waiting not for the "Great Pumpkin" but for some cute smiling faces experiencing the fun for the first time. 

Enjoy your day!


  1. I love Halloween, but not the scary stuff, a little creepy is ok but mostly I like the cute stuff! Happy cute Halloween!

  2. Good morning on this spooky and windy morning! This is such a fun time of year as I just enjoy looking out my window at night, at the stars and darkness and to imagine the light of love that has made all the seasons possible. Silhouettes and bumps in the night make for a cozy time to DREAM...have a lovely day my friend! Anita

  3. I am not such a fan myself but when my kids were younger, I did love all the pomp and circumstance that went along with it, now I only like the candy:)

  4. I like Hallowe'en. Some of the creepy stuff is good- though I draw a line at the gore that seems to turn up in more recent movies.

  5. I am with you, is my least favorite holiday. And, now that the kids are grown I like it even less. But, it is cute to see the little kids all dressed up when I hand out the candy. And, then on to Thanksgiving - a holiday I LOVE!

    Have a wonderful afternoon! xoxo

  6. Hello Elizabeth

    Nothing like full disclosure. I have always wondered about this holiday too. I thought it was just me. Growing up in Ireland we did not celebrate it with death related trinkets. We ate a raisin like bread which contained a gold ring and the person who found the ring was the the first to marry. All very funny when you are an 8 year old
    I love the little children
    Helen xx

  7. Elizabeth, I do not decorate for Halloween, but for autumn. I actually remarked to another teacher yesterday, I'm so ready to get past Halloween. I will enjoy seeing all the cute trick or treaters tomorrow night tho'. I am predicting a crew of Batmen and Princesses this year.

  8. We don't do much for this holiday. I put out a few cutesy things and that's about it. I hope it's fun for kids....just treats not tricks! Sweet hugs!

  9. Dear Elizabeth I am so happy to hear you say this! I have NEVER liked Halloween! Give me a quiet book and cozy sweater in front of the fireplace any time

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