Sunday, October 6, 2013

Things I Learned From My Mother

Today is my mother's birthday and I wanted to say I LOVE YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
My mother is funny, intelligent, beautiful, resourceful, innovative and a survivor. She had four kids, under 6 before she was 26 and lived far from her family, most often in cookie cutter, base housing. But each time that we moved my mom made every day special, from daily walks and picnics on the beach, to holidays with homemade cookies and candy, and "vacations" from daily life and more.

My mother has taught me many lessons in my life and here are a few:

Happy Birthday mom! I miss you and I love you. I hope that you have a fabulous day!


  1. So sweet Elizabeth.. and YES you CAN make smores whenever you'd like and relationships between mother's and daughter's is so special:) Happy birthday to your mom :) and I hope you have lots of fun celebrating! xxL

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mom! She sounds like such a wise woman Elizabeth.And I really enjoyed reading over the many lessons she taught you about life. As I was scrolling over them I found myself nodding along in agreement. What a loving tribute you gave her. I'm sure it will be one of the favorite gifts she receives today.

  3. This was beautiful, you have a wonderful mother.... the quotes made me smile & a couple brought tears to my eyes. Lovely post....

  4. Happy birthday to your mother, what a lovely tribute and that cake...oh my!

  5. Lucky, lucky you. I love my mom. But many of these things I had to learn on my own, by remembering her ACTIONS, not her sparse words. Lovely lessons my friend, and like you, my mother made a killer diller chocolate cake that rocked. Happy Sunday! Anita

  6. Hello Elizabeth, A very Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother. She is a very wise woman and I love her joie de vivre.She must be very proud of you and your joy for life and living.

    Helen xx

  7. A wonderful tribute to your mother. And a happy birthday to her.

  8. Your Mom most certainly is a wise woman. Thank you for sharing her wisdom. I hope she had a terrific day. Bonnie


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