Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick or Treat: Candy Bar or Candy Corns?

Count down to Trick or Treat. In three short days the little ones will be out in their cute, or sometimes creepy costumes collecting candy. 

I was curious will you be handing out candy? Taking the kids out to get candy or will you be patiently waiting at home to eat the candy?

Curious minds also want to know what is your favorite candy? Do you like candy bars? What is your favorite kind? Do you prefer candy corns or Indian corn? Or is there something else that you crave on Halloween?

Apparently the number 1 candy bar everyone wants to find in their bag is Snickers. Full size preferred over fun size I am sure. 

I am not really a fan of candy bars, although I will eat a Reese's pumpkin or two if they are laying around. I find myself reaching for the candy corns and Indian corn. 

I will be home handing out candy on Halloween. I think the kids are so cute and funny and I am always amazed at the creativity of some of the costumes that I see. 

As I do not have any little ones going out to collect candy I will luckily not find myself with a bag of temptation sitting on the counter the next morning. But unless I get more trick or treaters' this year than last, I will end up with about 10 pounds of peanut butter cups. 

I guess the good news is that when I get tired of pumpkin recipes I can think of things to make with them.

Do you have any recipes for left over Halloween candy? If so please share them. 

Have a great day!


  1. Oh dear, I feel high blood sugar coming upon me, just seeing these photos! I prefer popcorn for this season! Enjoy whatever makes your sweet tooth smile my dear friend! Anita

  2. Hi Elizabeth, we live in the village and get so many trick-or-treater's that the local school's PTO collects candy to donate to homeowners on our street. We never have left over candy, but our teens still bring a little home. If there is a Twix in there it might disappear. ;-)
    All best,

  3. We don't get any trick or treaters on our busy road, but that's okay since the kids are grown and gone. We used to get loads of them in the old subdivision we lived in when they were young. I do love chocolate and have a bit in the house right now. I need to not buy it and bring it home.

  4. I'm definitely more partial to chocolate!

  5. You are making me hungry! I love Milik duds and M & M's...yum, anything that has chocolate!


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