Thursday, November 7, 2013

15 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Marian Parsons for HGTV

Good morning! I hope your week is going well. Mine is moving along, a lot going on here and a lot of stress, thank goodness my mom is here. 

Fall Corn BHG

As I mentioned the other day, because of our work schedules it is not practical to travel for Thanksgiving so my husband and I often times say home and dine with friends or celebrate with just the two of us. We always try to make it special by having all of our favorite foods, beautiful place settings and of course a centerpiece. 

Fall Flowers Country Living

I wish that I could say that flower arranging is something that I excel at, but more often than not my arrangements do not come out as I envision. 

Erin Valencich on HGTV

Don't get me wrong, I can purchase a wonderful assortment of flowers and fiddle around for a little while but I either cut too much off the bottom of my flowers, or leave too much on. Then I cut again and I end up changing containers because I have cut them so short  the original container doesn't work, and yes I do "eyeball" it. 

Country Living Flowers

As it is Fall and there are a plethora of pumpkins, gourds, fruits, pine cone, acorns and leaves I try to incorporate them as well or instead of flowers. 

What could be more beautiful than using the bounty of the season? 

Wrapped Candles Country Living

Or creating something totally original with your kids or grand-kids?

Candles and Veggies BHG Magazine

I love the idea of wrapping the candles in beans? Very clever don't you think?

Buffet Centerpiece Country Living

Or what about the idea above of using a vintage stand and incorporating your desserts and utensils in the arrangement? This would be perfect for a dessert buffet. Now the only thing I need is a stand!

Camille Styles Arrangement on HGTV

Making cranberry topiary balls is also a great option for a new and interesting look, and also for those of us who are not the most crafty. 

Cranberry Centerpiece BHG Magazine

Leaves and Flowers Southern Living

I think the possibilities are endless, especially since there are a cornucopia of ideas on Pinterest; seriously what did we ever do before Pinterest came along? 

Layla Palmer HGTV

How do you decorate for your guests? Is there something that you do to make your holiday special? Do you let your kids make the decorations? Or do you use your favorite florist? If I lived in London I would have Paul at The Magical Christmas Wreath Company whip something up not only for my door but for my table too. Paul's talents know no bounds. 

Fall Centerpiece Country Living

I hope that you have a fabulous day! Only two more days until the weekend! 

Fall Centerpiece Southern Living


  1. OH! The cranberry one catch my eye for the contrast against the white! HELLO ELIZABETH! Anita

  2. So many beautiful ways to celebrate my very favorite season. Love that first one...gorgeous!

  3. Good morning America, I enjoy your blog so much I now have a notice of new postings sent to my gmail. As I am in a different time zone your morning post is up and ready for me to enjoy with my coffee. YOU are a cornucopia of great ideas and your visual images are always outstanding. Have a great day with your mom. Mom's rock! JML in Canada

  4. Gorgeous centerpiece ideas for Tksgiving! I have mine in mind, but now I got some tips for it. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Great inspiration! Last year, I used pumpkins, squash, and magnolia leaves as my centerpiece and guests adored the simplicity of it. That first image is perfection to me. Also love the addition of bittersweet. Here's hoping your stress passes quickly!

  7. ha! i had never seen the asparagus wrapped that is something!

    hope you'll have a moment to stop by and see what i have been creating:

    smiles to you.

    hello lovely

  8. Elizabeth, this holiday season I just can't get enough of seeing lovely photos for inspiration. I love the season, but I live with a man who really doesn't care about holidays at all. It has never bothered me until now. So. I needed this post today!!!

  9. I love the idea of the candles in Veggies. Think I'll swipe that one! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  10. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Looking around for centerpieces for my Thanksgiving table, and found your collection. The first photo is my favorite!
    Thanks so much for sharing,


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