Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Decorating

Good morning! I do not know about you but I am feeling a little discombobulated with Thanksgiving so late in the year, you wouldn't think one week would make that big a difference but it is throwing me off. 

You see I actually like to decorate for Christmas after Thanksgiving dinner and once in awhile I even do it a couple of days before, especially if we are having a party. 

Now I feel as if I am in a big rush to get everything done for Christmas and my house is a combination of pumpkins and snowmen this week, apple and pumpkin pie and sugar cookies waiting to be decorated. 

When do you decorate for Christmas? Have you already started? Do you have your tree up and the stocking hung by the chimney?

I am curious, do you always decorate your tree the same way, do you have a theme, do you have a "family tree" filled with ornaments collected over generations from trips, family members or that your kids have made or do you do something entirely different each year?

I have several small trees, between three and four feet and I decorate one pretty much the same every year with added ornaments and the others I change depending on things I pull out of my archives of Christmas boxes or find during the year. 

I guess I will just try to "live in the present" this week and enjoy my Thanksgiving day with family and friends and then worry about the rest on Friday while everyone else is out shopping. 

I hope you have a great day!


  1. Elizabeth, I had to smile when I read the part about having pumpkins and snowmen crossing paths. This is a year where things could get a little hectic with the decorating. Personally I'm not able to really start decorating for Christmas until our dinner is over because I'm hosting it and I really like to enjoy the whole experience. Pulling out recipes and shopping although I did get my table done so I might try to start at least start pulling out ornament boxes for Friday. Since this is my last year in this house I really want it to look festive. Are you seeing your family for Thanksgiving? I hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. All I know is that I'm ready to start decorating right now, but I must wait until Friday. We're having a big party on the 22nd so everything around the house must be repaired, rewired, replaced, spiffed up AND decorated. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Remember?

  3. Here in Holland everything is in full swing and focused on the childrens' St. Klaas feast. on the evening of December 5 the children get their suprises and gifts, with poems, and short quips....to be read aloud. All in good fun. Dec 6 St. Klaas goes back to Spain (so to speak)....and that is when I bring out my christmas decorations. Out of respect for the tradition of St.Klaas, and not to confused the young "believers"...Let them keep their belief of St.Klaas as long as possible, my christmas decorating will come
    Till Dec 6....
    Enjoy and make this season festive in your heart and homes.

  4. Oh boy that time has come! This year I am going to be starting everything much earlier than usual to hopefully take off some of the stress I inevitably feel every December. I tend to do the same things but always add something new every year. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Good morning precious Elizabeth! Well, it's all coming so fast at us that it's hard to wrap you mind around it. I am off after today, so I'll start my Thanksgiving dinner plans! One day at a time...

  6. In the past, that sort of thing has been left til sometime in December. This year... well, I don't know if I want to even mark the day. I'm dreading it.

  7. Elizabeth I can't stand when Thanksgiving is this late. It just makes everything seem so rushed and I enjoy both seasons so much. Happy Thanksgiving!!


  8. Tom and I were just talking about Thanksgiving being late this year! We feel the same way. Oh, well....gotta keep calm and carry on! Gotta run and get to the grocery store :) Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  9. Yeah, so its just not me that's worrying when to put up the tree and all other decors. And I try to add some new things to the tree every now and then.


  10. Happy Thanksgiving Elizabeth

    We are looking forward to being guests on Thanksgiving Day, at our friend's ranch with some horseback riding too. Tally Ho.
    I decorate for Christmas during the second week of December. More or less the same theme each year with some additions if I find a special item,

    I like your reminder to "Keep Calm"


  11. Hi Elizabeth,
    I have started putting out holiday scented candles, mercury glass,table runners, etc. I usually try to get through one holiday at a time !
    The Arts by Karena


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