Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Turkey Ideas

Good morning! The big day is almost here, Thanksgiving. The holiday that celebrates all that is good in the world; family and friends gathered to share scrumptious food and to give thanks. Often times the Thanksgiving meal is dictated by family traditions, and other times the menu is open to new and interesting menu items.

Photo Iain Bagwell Roasted Turkey with Bernaise Butter

I grew up surrounded by traditions, one of which was my mom getting up at the crack of dawn to put the turkey in the oven to be basted every hour with butter and pan drippings. Odd to think about now because when I am home for Thanksgiving the turkey does not take nearly as long to cook as I remember.

Grilled Turkey photo Anna Williams

As I mentioned yesterday, turkey is the least important part of the meal for me, but I was curious about your turkey preparation. 

My kind of turkey...cookies from Bird Bakery

Do you brine, grill, roast, deep fry, smoke or use some other method of preparation?

Smoked Turkey photo by Jody Horton

 Do you have a family favorite way to prepare or do you like to try something new? Do you serve something other than turkey? Duck, ham or a roast?

Roasted Spatchcocked Turkey

We are still pondering what we will serve for the main as it is a little hard to cook for two. Although we have been invited to friends, we have decided to stay home, just the two(make that 3) of us, and relax before the Christmas holidays are upon us. 

Roasted Turkey

Whether you are cooking for two or an entire party Martha Stewart and Southern Living are two of my favorite places to explore for recipe ideas. Click the links about to be taken directly to the "Main Meat Course."

I am looking forward to hearing your menu ideas so do share.

Have a great day!


  1. It all looks delicious Elizabeth. Make that dinner for four, I'm on my way over.

  2. Oh those cookies are delightful! I am making a pumpkin cheesecake this year!

    I need to go out and get my turkey TODAY! Much love, Anita

  3. Always a roasted turkey in my house......we like to keep things the same. Though one year tried a smoked turkey and it was not so great.....Thanksgiving dinner is my absolute fave of the year so its a big deal but we tend to keep things exactly the same maybe trying to introduce one new thing every year to change it up just a little!

  4. I will be making a turkey but the sides are definitely my fave. I love Southern Living and all of your recipes look delicious!

    Have a lovely evening, Elizabeth! xoxo

  5. you are with your sweetie and pup this will be nice to have some calm before the frenzy (albeit fun frenzy) begins!!
    I usually roast some turkey drumsticks, and this year we are ordering much of the meal from our local French bakery again...their dinner is way yummier than mine could ever be. (Like you, dessert is my favorite part!)


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