Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thinking of Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Good morning! Halloween is now a distant memory and we are moving full speed ahead with our Thanksgiving plans. As we typically stay in town for this holiday we try to make it special because if we are not spending the day with friends it is just the two of us and lets face it although we love one another a Thanksgiving meal for two is just not the same as a large family meal for 20.

Image Matthew Mead via Sugar Plum Invitations

One of my favorite ways to make any meal special is to break out my silver, china, crystal and linens. I have a blue and white transferware setting for twelve but the pieces that I enjoy the most are the cranberry and brown ones that I have collected piecemeal, a plate here, a cup and saucer there. 

Howchow Home

There are so many ways to decorate with your collection, a wood charger paired with a white plate, then layered with a brown and white transferware salad plate and antler or bone flatware is one option. 


You could also take a textured charger like wicker, add your transferware or other dinner plate and then add a salad plate with a turkey or woodland scene?

West Elm

Mixing and matching your family pieces with new and old finds is a great way to have your family members present at your meal. 

Image Dreams and Epiphanies

I believe that you should use what you have on hand, no need to rush out and purchase something that you may only use once. Then add a few pieces from nature, a pine cone, an acorn, some pumpkins, herbs or whatever else you have on hand and you have a special setting indeed in which to enjoy your meal. 

Image Nieman Marcus

What do you do and use to make your holiday tablescape special? Do you have family traditions that you subscribe to, like using your grandmothers gravy boat or your great aunts crystal bowl for the relish?


Obviously the most important part of any holiday or get together for that matter are the family and friends that you spend  it with, followed by the delectable foods you serve but what make any occasion extra special is your decor. 

Image Carolyn Roehm

Inspiration is all around, in the magazines, on TV and of course on Pinterest. If you need a little inspiration for Fall visit my Fall Pinterest Board where you will find everything from savory meals, sweet treats, tablescapes, fashion and more. By the way if you have a Fall Pinterest board please share it here so that we can see your inspiration and perhaps pick up a few tips of our own. 

Image Stone Gable

I am looking forward to trying a few new things this year both on my table and from my oven and would love to hear about what your plans are. 

Image Spoon Fork Bacon

Have a great day!

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  1. Hi EIizabeth...lovely tablescapes! It has been years since we celebrated a 'real' Thanksgiving, it just isn't the same when you are living overseas. America is the real deal..

    We started collecting the Spode 'Woodland' series...we are smittlen with all the patterns..but I think the Bear scene is my favourite... xx

  2. Good morning special one!

    I enjoy a rustic French farmhouse style table for Thanksgiving; I enjoy letting the food tell the story as it sits and decorates the white tablecloth with the colors of the earth. White plates, candles, a savory bird and the trimmings are the stars. ENJOY YOUR PLANNING! Anita

  3. Being with family and good friends is the most important to me. I have so much fun decorating the table, I start several days in advance. All white linens, china, my mothers silver. Pretty much the same every year. I do love the look of these tablescapes...thanks for the inspiration.

  4. My mother would bring out the fine china for those occasions, the gravy boat, that sort of thing.

  5. I love all these dishes, Elizabeth! I was tempted to buy some this year as I am hosting Thanksgiving (I do every year!) but common sense took over and I will use my Grandmother's china instead. I especially love the Woodland Spode.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my posts! Have a great night!! xoxo

  6. SO beautiful! Many pinnable images here. I love setting a Thanksgiving table with all the pomp and circumstance, the 'good' china, silver, crystal...bring it on!

  7. Oh Elizabeth you have me missing Thanksgiving celebrations in a big way. I think setting the table for that particular holiday is one of the most fun ones. I love mixing new and old, patterns with solids. I love when you wrote that having those family pieces on the table is like having our family with us. Such a great way to remember those irreplaceable memories. I hope you two have a wonderful celebration; I think you will make it absolutely special!

  8. I never tire of looking at pretty tablescapes, especially Thanksgiving ones...thanks for sharing all of these Elizabeth.

  9. I love those Gorsuch pieces. I really love them. Now, if only I could find a way to pay for a table setting for 12 or so.


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