Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Container Ideas for Your Entry

Galvanized Buckets Filled with Greens from the Tinkered Treasure

Good morning! Are you finished decorating inside and out or are you still searching for ideas? I am almost finished inside but still need to finish the front entry.

Outdoor Container from Traditional Home Magazine

Image and design from Black-eyed Susan Style

 Curb appeal is important at any time of year but even more so for the holidays, after all you want your guests to feel welcome even before they enter the door with an inviting look. There are many ways to do this but one is with festive containers. 

Image from Dutch Girl Originals

You can use urns, galvanized buckets, wicker baskets, concrete containers or whatever you have. Filled to the brim with natural elements like pine cone, magnolia leaves, ivy, and holly they look fabulous. Of course it helps to have a vision and a little inspiration. 

Image from Black-eyed Susan Style Blog

In the past I have used urns with lighted mini-trees, boxwood and ivy and a few Christmas ornaments, but this year I am looking for something a little different. 

Image from Here

Of course there are many places to look for inspiration but I find more and more I search my Pinterest Boards first.

Image Better Homes and Gardens

Then I pull out my shelter magazines and design books. 

Image and Design from Debra at 5th and State

Image BHG

Of course fellow blogger are a huge source of inspiration, with not only beautiful photos but DIY tutorials and step by step instructions. 

Urn topper from Martha Stewart

Image from BHG

I am still pondering what I would like to do but at least these images have me inspired. 

Image BHG

If you live in the Bucks County, PA area and are looking for interior design or holiday decorations visit Black-eyed Susan Design.

And if you live in the Chicago, IL area contact Debra from the blog 5th&State and the landscape design business Sentimental Gardens. To see more of Debra's work read her post about Winter Containers 2013.

Have a great day!


  1. Gorgeous!! I needed this because today I am planning on doing my urns if the snow does not get in the way! So many ideas...I love the one with pine cones and magnolia leaves, so elegant. Have a great day!!

    A bit behind in my blog visits but trying to catch up!

  2. Hi Elizabeth, Wonderful photos! I am just getting organized with my outdoor containers. You have inspired me. Love from Canada. Joyce

  3. Fabulous ideas Elizabeth! I am looking for something different this year and now I have some new inspiration. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images!

  4. These are so pretty, Elizabeth! Maybe they will inspire me to do a little more than just hang a wreath! Have a great day! xoxo

  5. All gorgeous and so festive! I have to say when it comes to container gardens, no one can touch Debra at 5th and State / Sentimental Gardens. And, Debra is always kind to share tips, ideas and products. She makes everything look natural and effortless.

  6. I ooohed and aaaahed at every photo. Then I came to the favorite. I want the whole thing! Bonnie

  7. Hi Elizabeth, Fantastic blog. You have inspired me as I have been dragging my feet in regards to Christmas. I am now focussed on getting my Xmas container completed! Thank you from 2ft of snow Edmonton Alberta!


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