Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Cookie Exchange

Almond cookies, made by me.

Good morning! I have just returned last night from a week in Paris which I will tell you about after I have time to sort through my photos. As I have said in the past it is my favorite time of the year to visit, everything is decorated for the holidays and there are trees and treats everywhere. The only bad part about it is that upon my return I realized that I have a million things to do before the holidays. 

Eiffel Tower, photo by me.

Today though I am thinking about cookies. It is no secret that I love baking, and at the holidays even more so. 

Speculous from Martha Stewart

Although I frequently make my favorites each year, I do enjoy trying new things which is why I think a cookie exchange is a great idea.

Sugar Cookie made by me!

What could be more fun than a party with  your friends, a few holiday cocktails and some tasty treats? Especially party where you get to take home dozens and dozens of new cookies and the recipes too.

Image Midwest Living

 Do you ever attend or perhaps host your own cookie exchange?

Image Better Homes and Gardens

What are your favorite cookies to bake for the holidays? I would love it if your would share your favorite cookies recipe in the comments and if you have a link to the recipe even better. 

Thumbprint Cookies from A Spicy Perspective

I am baking cookies today and unpacking my shopping from Paris, then trying to finalize Christmas plans. I hope that you have a great day!


  1. WELCOME HOME! Oh dear, I cannot wait to hear all about it my dear! AND...those star sugar cookies made by TOI? They are exactly like the ones my dear mother used to make. HAPPY HOMECOMING! Anita

  2. Good morning Elizabeth...I am anxious to hear all about Paris! You are so incredibly lucky that you get to go so often. The cookies look delicious, too!

    Have a beautiful day! xoxo

  3. Can't wait to hear about your trip!! So wishing I had a few cookies to have with my morning coffee!!

  4. The Eiffel tower looks beautiful!

    Cookies this time of year are always called for!

  5. Beautiful cookies, gorgeous photos.

  6. Hi Elizabeth,
    Cookie exchange parties are the best; love the thumbprint cookies!
    I am so excited to hear about your trip to Paris!
    The Arts by Karena

  7. I would love to go to one...went to one a few years ago it was such fun. Beautiful cookies, especially the ones from Martha Stewart and the last picture is dreamy!!

  8. Paris lucky girl! Can't wait to hear and see the sights through your relative eye.

  9. Paris....lucky girl.I am so looking forward to seeing it through your creative lens!


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