Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Winter Walk on The Illinois Prairie Path

Good morning! The winter cold and snow is about to make its return this week and like many school children I am awaiting news of a snow day so that I can get out and do a little snow shoeing.

Although Summer is the favorite season of many, for me it is Fall and Winter a close second. I love long walks with the leaves or snow crunching under my feet. The stark silhouettes of  nature offer so much to see if you only pause to take it in. 

A Cardinal, a Woodpecker and unidentified bird.

This past weekend while visiting family we took a leisurely 6 mile walk in the cold and at times driving snow along the Illinois Prairie Path

The trail was vacant unlike other weekends, perhaps the snow kept them away, whatever the case it was nice to have it all to ourselves. Three generations of women meandering along, pausing to listen to the stream trickle over the rocks and to ponder a pile of branches and wonder if they were collected by a few beaver to increase the size of their dam.

We discovered the "perfect" Christmas tree, and flopped in the snow to make snow angels just as we did when we were children. 

We laughed, told stories, made up games, and wondered about the forks in the road of life. 

 By the end we were breathless not only from the walk but from the simple beauty of the winter landscape.  

After a stop at our new favorite store(more tomorrow) for a snack and a few new books

we arrived to these two just waking from their "long winters nap."

Are you a nature lover? Do you enjoy the wonders of winter or do you pine for sunny, summer days? Stay warm today wherever you are and have a beautiful day!


  1. Oh, Elizabeth, this is such a beautiful post. I actually long for winter to come because of our unbearable summers. I've never lived in a location where snow was on the ground for the season. Going to Colorado for ski season is the closest thing for me, and that doesn't count as it was a holiday and we were SUPPOSED to be enjoying it. You make it sound wistful, beautiful and awe-inspiring. Thank you !

  2. When possible, we try to make our walks outside on the slippery and snowy streets, but since my husband cannot tolerate the biting cold, we go to the MALL to do our walks! GRRRR! But I too love the snowy paths to listen to the muffled sounds that the snow helps to make. It's a great insulator from all the artificial noises of cars and helps echo the birds' songs and the sound of my feet.


  3. How beautiful.
    I have lived in this area most of my life (college about 2 hours away) and I have to say I had not heard of the Illinois Prairie Path. Thank you for introducing me. Perhaps one day I will get down there and do the beautiful walk.

  4. Very beautiful pictures, have fun playing in the snow!


  5. You are of MUCH heartier stock than I am - I won't do six miles in the best weather conditions let alone in the snow! Enjoy your time there!


  6. What a beautiful post. I must confess, although I used to be a winter person I am now more of a summer girl. Happy to be a new follower. xo Laura

  7. Well it is just as snowy here in DC! Tom had the day off, and we made a pot of turkey chili - so hearty and comforting. Beautiful photos, Elizabeth.
    Stay warm,

  8. Oh so gorgeous Elizabeth...I like the snow but prefer a crisp cycling day with no wind!

  9. Good morning Elizabeth! How lovely that you "strolled" on over to visit me! You know, I am always thinking of you; how kind of YOU to be thinking of me. It is SUPER DUPER cold here again, and these extreme jumps from thawing out temps (we have 35 degrees the other day) to -2 yesterday are reeking havok on my wood furniture and my body!!!!

    It is gloriously beautiful outside however, with the snow. It fell like diamonds from the sky last night and how can you argue against that....

    Be well and enjoy every day of this lovely season my friend. Anita

  10. What a lovely walk, Elizabeth. Unlike you, I do not care for either winter or snow, but since I love walking (and do so, religiously, everyday, with or without my old dog,) I would have volunteered to join you. How peaceful these photos look… Thank you for your visit yesterday, and for leaving a message :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  11. Love nature and love walks...but honestly I am really tired of this cold!! Glad you are enjoying it, beautiful pictures!! Its frigid over here plus we got a foot of snow last night, spring cannot come fast enough! Enjoy your day:)

  12. If it's above 15 degrees, I'm
    game for a walk, but we've been
    experiencing sub-zeros again, so
    I've only dashed outside to take
    Gracie out or to get where I need
    to go. I would adore a walk like
    this....looks and sounds so great
    for the soul!

    Stay warm.....

    xo Suzanne

  13. Your images are beautiful, Elizabeth. We have been blanketed with snow this week and I'm starting to look forward to spring!!

  14. Beautiful pics, Elizabeth. That path looks very appealing to me.

    I'm a nature lover. My idea of a great vacation is a hike or a climb in the great outdoors, whereas others would want the beach.


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