Monday, January 6, 2014

"Downton Abbey" Returns

Good morning! Downtown Abbey Season 4 premiered last night. Did you watch it? I, as I know many of you have been counting the days and I must say I was not disappointed. If you did not watch the premiere episode yet stop reading now because you may read something you do not want to know.

The show begins six months after Matthew is killed in a car accident, it is 1922 and things are changing both upstairs and down at the Abbey. Mrs. O'Brian sneaks off in the dead of night leaving a note and a few problems in her wake. An electric mixer causes the cook to fear for her job and the Valentine's Day antics of the footmen have the kitchen maids jealous of one another.

Lady Mary is deep in grief, and although her profound sadness made me feel for her, her increasing anger and snarky comments rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps it is because she is my least favorite character? Whatever the case by the end of the episode  Lady Mary had returned to the land of the living and was a bit more of her old self. 

Lady Edith has happiness in her sights, in the form of a married man with a "mad" wife. Do you think her new found love, job and happiness will stay or is Edith destined to be a spinster? I do so hope that this new love is the real thing, I do not want to see Edith humiliated again. 

Lady Rose is up to her wild antics again. I think that she will be breaking more than a few hearts this season and perhaps causing a few problems while she is at it. 

 Thomas continues to be a conniving pain, and his innuendos could mean trouble for my favorite couple, Anna and Bates.

I could go on and on but these were just a few of the highlights for me. What story lines did you enjoy? Which character is your favorite? Which is your least favorite? Tell me what you thought of the episode and the show.

 Stay warm, and be safe today in the cold that is blanketing the country. Have a great day!


  1. I was somewhat disappointed. I thought there way too many story lines; some of them a bit silly such as the Valentine scenarios and Rose's antics. She is my least fav character, along with Thomas. My fav characters are Tom Branson and the Dowager Duchess. Like you, I thought Lady Mary's grieving and her resulting behavior was a bit overdone. Robert is becoming overbearing, Carson increasingly haughty. Having said all that, I am still a devotee and won't miss an episode!

  2. I had to record it because of the football games, but shall watch sometime today. I missed ALL of Season 3 and now don't want to see it because of the deaths of my 2 favorites. But, I'm a devotee, so is my daughter, so will see every episode this year. It's COLD, FREEZING in Houston today too. We do not do "cold" well at all. xx's

  3. Elizabeth, I usually record Masterpiece Theater to watch later, as I am the only one who enjoys it here. It will be interesting to see how each of the storylines develop through the season. My favorites are also Anna and Bates. I really enjoy the downstair antics more than the upstairs drama, though it is all entertaining.

    I hope you are staying warm. We missed yesterday's snow, but the temps fell very near to zero. We will have a very cold first day back at school tomorrow. Hugs! Bonnie

  4. I agree with the Sanda up above me matter what however, I am a devoted follower, and I actually think that if a writer and cast can make us ANGRY, FRUSTRATED, WONDER WHY they chose a certain story line, then they have done a wonderful job. A good artists rattles our cages, makes us think - even if in that thinking we might say, "I would have done it this way...." Good. All the more power to the artist because that's their job, to make one think.

    I LOVE DOWNTON ABBY! Who is my favorite character? The Dowager and.........ISIS! teeheheheheheheh

  5. I too love Downton Abbey and enjoyed the beginning of the new season. I agree that they had a bit too many story lines going, and couldn't believe it when they actually took on the recently fired housemaid to be the new ladies maid. That can't last... As for my favorite characters: Upstairs: the Dowager... and downstairs: Anna

  6. Great wrap up of episode 1, Elizabeth! It is so great to have my favorite show back on...just what we need on cold winter evenings! xoxo

  7. I suspect I'd be lost if I even tried to jump into the series now.


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