Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Favorites From Hampton Hostess, Hello Lovely, Aspiring Kennedy and More

Skating pond from my youth

Good morning! A happy, happy Friday to you. I am sure that I am not alone when I say the the cold and the snow has completely worn me out. I am weary of the cold, and dressing like a sled dog musher (I will spare you a photo of that). I want to be able to walk outside without the possibility of frostbite in 10 minutes and to see a little sun. 

Image via Michele At Hello Lovely Blog

One of the things I am doing to pass the time in this frigid weather is dreaming and planning  my next trip to Paris. Have you been? Any plans to go? If you have been what is your favorite museum? Do you stick to the biggies or take in a few of the little ones? One of my favorites is the Musee Carnavalet and lucky for me this week Michele at Hello Lovely shared her gorgeous photos from her visit there because I did not take a single photo there in December. 

Image Aspiring Kennedy

Even if you have never been to Paris I am sure that you have heard that French women are always impeccably dressed, never wear tennis shoes, would not be caught dead in a pair of sweat pants, never get fat and several other tidbits. While not each of these facts is true for every woman in France they certainly do have a certain  je ne sais quois. This week Lauren at Aspiring Kennedy reviews the book French Women Don't Get Facelifts and shares the French woman's secrets to aging gracefully and owning your age. 

Banana Cream Pie made by me. 

In addition to daydreaming I have also been cooking and baking lots and lots of comfort food, no surprise there really. This Banana Cream Pie is scrumptious, I used a recipe I pinned on Pinterest from The Candid Appetite. And then last night I discovered and made an easy and delicious recipe for Creamy Pasta with Sausage and Broccoli.

Image from A Day in the Country

I have been reminded time and time again when I whine about the cold that Spring is just around the corner. It is actually 55 days away but who is counting, and this charming blog, A Day in the Country will remind you of brighter days ahead.

Image OKL

This past weekend while visiting Wayne,  I noticed horse farm after horse farm, and although the thoroughbreds have moved south for the winter there were a few stragglers standing regally in their winter coats. This is The Year of the Horse and the Hampton Hostess has featured the incredibly talented photographer Bob Tabor on her blog this week. I fell in love with each and every horse.

I also enjoyed THIS video from Britain's Got Talent, it is a tear jerker so get your tissues now, and this heart warming letter from Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks to a young deaf fan.

Did you find anything interesting this week, a book a movie, an article that you might want to share? If so I would enjoy hearing about them so please leave a link in the comment section.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and warm!

P.S: Monday is National Chocolate Cake Day, if you would like a recipe or two to celebrate than visit Once Upon a Chocolate Life where there are several to tempt your taste buds. 


  1. Good morning dear friend!

    Well yesterday, we stayed home yet again due to the extreme cold. It was AWESOME, but they are forecasting more extremely and dangerously cold weather for next week, and our superindendent left us a voicemail suggesting that if we continue to not have school next week, we need to make up these my summer will not start as soon as we would all like for it to start!

    I JUST WENT TO THE BLOG with the horse pictures! You know me, you know how they are my favorite animals! What glorious photos of indeed one of nature's most hailed athletes and friends to humanity.

    Much love to you as you bundle up and dream of PARIS!

  2. Your recipes sound delish Elizabeth and I loved the post on The year of the Horse!
    I have an interesting feature right now on what is going on in Kansas City!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    Wonderful links here today:) I'll look forward to checking them out. Thank you for the mention of our Derrick Coleman ~ great video and GO Hawks!! The broccoli pasta dish looks delicious and that chocolate cake.. oh goodness!!

    Your weather pattern doesn't seem to want to budge :( We are stuck in a high pressure system and are not getting the snow pack we need for our vegetation and wild life for the summer. Seems like it's one extreme or another!

    Enjoy your Friday!

  4. Truly love your blog…you find the best! From chickens, gardening, horses to cake. All my fans.

  5. Banana cream pie is very much welcome!

    And I'll have to remember Monday and chocolate cake!

  6. Elizabeth, I don't know which you have left me craving more... banana cream pie (we did have national pie day last week) or the chocolate cake. With a baby on his way, our plans for Paris will need to be postponed. The three of us will celebrate decades in the same year....this could become a tradition. Stay warm and safe.


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