Thursday, January 23, 2014

Outpost General Store, Wayne Illinois

Hello! Happy frigid, as in -25 below with the windchill, freezing Thursday. This sort of weather makes me crazy because it is so cold you:

a. Do not want to leave the house.
b. Feel as if you will never be warm again.
c. Want to eat everything, especially warm comfort food like soup, macaroni and cheese and doughnuts.
d. Prefer any and all activities inside, while sitting in bed, like reading, watching movies, or playing on the iPad as opposed to working or exercising. 

This weekend while visiting the burbs of Chicago I discovered the Outpost General Store. The Outpost is located in Wayne, IL a few minutes walk from the Illinois Prairie Path where I took my beautiful winter walk. 

In the past there have been other stores here which offered sandwiches and cold drinks to walkers, horseback riders and locals but unfortunately or fortunately none had any staying power. I say fortunately because the Outpost General Store to put it simply is fabulous!


Shadowbox Close-up

Owned and operated by Joe and his wife Christine the store is a feast for the senses. Everywhere you look there is something wonderful to see, read, touch or eat. 

 It is filled with vignettes of vintage finds, books, food, cards, candles, games, and all things equestrian. After all this is horse and hound country. 

Christine is obviously one talented lady because the store is styled like a beautiful coffee table book with comfortable sitting areas to enjoy a coffee and croissant or perhaps a quite corner to browse one of the many incredible books for sale, many of which are written by bloggers that you might know!

The Outpost features local cheese, produce, and baked goods just to name a few of the scrumptious treats. In fact one of the items on offer is bread from "Bill the Baker" a local, retired 70-ish man whose hobby is baking. 

Wine, champagne and spirits are also sold to compliment one of the nightly dinner specials, such as chicken pot pie, lamb meatloaf with mashed potatoes, boneless fried chicken with macaroni and cheese or to accompany a selection of local cheeses on a picnic. 

The unique gifts, jewelry, furniture, cashmere throws and food items could keep you browsing for hours. 

Joe and his children were manning the store this past Saturday and they could not have been more knowledgeable or solicitous while I plied them with questions about the area, the store and all of the merchandise and finds. 

If you find yourself in Chicago or the surrounding burbs the Outpost General Store and the Illinois Prairie Path are both beautiful places and a wonderful way to while away the afternoon.

I myself am looking forward to my next trip there because there are at least 4 books that I need desperately, OK want desperately and because I did not get to spend any time in the penny candy aisle. I am still not sure how that happened but it could be because I was consumed by the books, breads, champagne and cashmere. 

I hope that you have a great day and if you make it to the Outpost do let me know what you thought!

Stay warm and be safe in this unseasonably cold and snowy weather. 

Outpost General Store
32W270 Army Trail Rd
Wayne, IL


  1. Elizabeth! Dear one, you took the words right out of my mouth when you said that it's so cold that you don't want to even go out....I love my job, but I simply do NOT want to go outside this morning! It's about -17 right now and getting colder!

    What a FABULOUS SHOP with antiques, books, candy, champagne, fun is that?

    I love that painting of the horse! I NEED I WANT! teeheee

    OK, I better muster up the courage to jump in the shower and get ready for another chiller diller! Anita

  2. This store looks fabulous! I wish it were in my backyard.

  3. What an awesome place! It felt so cozy just by looking at your beautiful pictures. Hope you are stayimg warm too. Thank you for your sweet comment and prayers. They both mean so much to me right now. Thank you! Hugs, Susie

  4. This is my kind of store. Wish I lived nearby - I see several things that would come home with me! I might try to call...
    Thanks for the introduction!

  5. what a charming shop. i will keep it in mind if ever i get back into a noncyber shopping mood. it has been all online this frigid winter!

    smiles to you.


  6. I could enjoy myself a lot in that store!

  7. Beautiful write up! (The owners are Joe & Caroline) Make sure to visit in the warmer months too when you can sit outside!

  8. Just came across this store and want to take a trip out of the city to see it and SHOP! Your blog post was very informative and images make me all the more likely to rent a zippy and drive into the country! Best-rs


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