Monday, February 24, 2014

Downton Abbey Season Finale Recap

Good morning! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend with a little warm weather before the next big freeze arriving this week. I had a fabulous weekend, lots of family time, walks, eating and visiting our favorite haunts.

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I arrived home in time to watch the Downton Abbey finale, can you believe that we have to wait another year to find out what happens to our favorite characters? I do not know if I can wait, can you?

The episode begins eight months after we last tuned in. The family is in London for the presentation of Rose to the King and Queen and as with anything involving Rose there is a always a little excitement and drama.  In this episode it comes in the form of a letter  that could scandalize the monarchy. The Crawley's step in to try to save the day but ultimately it is Bates who does in the end.

Which is a good thing as Mrs. Hughes finds out  Mr. Bates was in London the day Mr. Green(the man who attacked Anna) died and she tells Mary who toys with whether or not she should let someone know. After Mr. Bates  helps the family she changes he mind.

Cora's mother and brother arrive from America.  Martha Levinson is pursued by the bankrupt Lord  Aysgarth whom she strings along the entire episode until she turns him down and offers to fix him up with some wealthy single Americans if he visits her in America. Her son, Harold is pursued by Lord Aysgarth's daughter Madeline, not because he is handsome but merely because he is rich. She has a heart though and decides not to follow through with her fathers plans.

In the meantime Martha with her wit and Harold with this rough around the edges, loud American ways are good for more than a few laughs in this episode.

Edith has had her baby and left it in Switzerland. Throughout the episode she is sad and mopey not only for the loss of her child, but for her missing love, and gives hints that she has changed her mind about her daughter. Eventually she decides to bring the baby back to the Abbey against her Aunt's wishes to be raised by Drew the pig farmer. How long do you think she will be able to keep the baby a secret once it is back on the estate? 

Thomas continues to be a schemer, he spied Thomas giving his teacher friend a tour of the house and told Lord Grantham. 

Lady Mary is pursued by Lord Gilligham and Charles Blake.The two men spar throughout the episode and  Lord Gillingham tells Mary that Charles is actually a very wealthy man and from a very old family. Mary is surprised and one gets the feeling that these to men will "duke it out " for her hand in the coming season.

After all of their hard work the staff downstairs are given a day off and although Carson suggests a trip to the museum or the wax museum eventually the gang ends up with a day at the beach.

Daisy is pursued by the valet of Harold who tries to entice her with a job in America. After she turns down his offer to come to America Ivy volunteers to come instead. 

And my favorite scene of the episode, when Carson and Mrs. Hughes are in the water walking and flirting with one another and holding hands. I think they would and do make an excellent couple. 

Of course there were other story's going on but these were the highlights for me. Did you enjoy the show? Will you sit patiently and await the next season?

If you did not watch the show did you tune in the the Olympic Closing Ceremony? I watched it and I loved it! The ballet, the symbolism and the history of the country and of course the fireworks were wonderful to see. I am going to miss the triumphs and tragedies of the last 17 days. What was your favorite part of the show, the Chagall painting, or the part with the poets and writers? Or perhaps the cute bear blowing out the Olympic flame?

I wish you a wonderful week. 


  1. Morning Elizabeth,
    I too enjoyed that last scene in the last episode, so touching!
    I loved the closing ceremony and have to admit the tear from the bear really got to me. I remember them using the bear in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, very nostalgic. I think Russia put on an excellent show and can't understand why the media jumped all over some negatives which were no worse than any other Olympics. What also annoys me, as did with the China Olympics also, is that we expect the rest of the world to live exactly the same as we do, as if we have it right and they are wrong. Both China and Russia have very different backgrounds and attitudes and why shouldn't they! it's their country. We in the west should stop interfering in their evolution. They will get there in their own time.

    OK, soap box moment over :-)
    Have a great week.

  2. Hello Elizabeth. I have now watched the last episode three times, as I purchased the season 4 DVD set after last Sunday. Couldn't wait to see outcome! Do you think there is a foreshadowing of a budding romance to come in Season 5 between Carson and Mrs Hughes? Did you know the letter to the Prrince of Wales scenario is based on a factual letter written to his mistress, Mrs Dudley Ward? Bathe letter was sold at auction fairly recently. I like how real life incidents are interspersed in the story lines of the series, I.e., Teapot Dome scandal, Marconni incident, sinking of the Titanic and of course WWI. B

  3. Elizabeth, I don't know if I can stand waiting till next season for Downton Abbey!!
    It was wonderful, and the sparring between Maggie Smith and Shirley McLean was superb! I do think Shirley got in the last word this time! As for the Olympics, we were up at 6 am watching Canada and Sweden playoff for hockey was a great Sunday! N.xo

  4. A whole year to wait...

    I did see the hockey game and closing ceremony... much of Canada was over the moon about that game.

    And I rather liked the medal ceremonies for the cross country medalists taking place during the closing ceremony.

  5. I can't believe we have to wait for a year for another season! The finale was SO favorite part was definitely the end!

    Hope you are having a lovely Monday, Elizabeth! xoxo

  6. It was such a grand finale!! The parties, costumes, settings....all so elegant. I didn't know it was the season finale until the end, of course. Seemed like season 4 just started, right??!! Oh, well....until 2015 ~ Cheers, L

  7. I tell ya, I love that show and I can't bear to wait! The Christmas special hasn't come our way yet on Noobroom, but as soon as it does, we are on it! HELLO ELIZABETH! I am so late today...

  8. I am so glad you did a total recap of Downton...I missed part of it and planned to rewatch! Thankfully you cleared everything up! I absolutely adore the series and can't wait until it returns...I totally agree with you about the best scene!


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