Monday, February 10, 2014

Downton Abbey Updates

Good morning! How was your weekend? I would ask about the weather but I think about this time everyone is sick and tired of the weather and even more sick and tired of what is still to come. Brace yourself because this week is supposed to be another doozie.

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Thankfully we have the Olympics and Downton to keep our minds otherwise occupied. For those who have yet to watch skip ahead I do not want to spoil it for you, and for those not watching sorry to bore you.

Cora receives a letter from her mother asking for Roberts help with her brother. Apparently he is caught up in the Tea-Pot Dome Scandal and so reluctantly Robert plans a trip to America. Obviously he needs a valet to attend to his every need while traveling and Bates is to go along to do just that. Anna still visibly shaken by her rape does not want Mr.Bates to be away from home. Bates offers to stay behind even if it means loosing his job so that he can be with Anna. Mrs. Hughes has other ideas and enlists the help of Lady Mary to persuade Lord Grantham to send Thomas instead.

In order to do so Mrs. Hugh's tells Mary what happened to Anna. Anna is grateful that Bates will remain at home and although Lady Mary offers a little comfort and help Anna is reluctant to talk about her ordeal. 

Thomas is now more curious than ever about Anna and Bates and instructs Baxter to have the information about them ready and waiting upon his return

The pigs that are to "save the bacon" of Downton arrived last night. Lady Mary and Charles Blake took a stroll after dinner to check on them and arrived to find them distressed and dehydrated as they had kicked over their water. Charles Blake grabbed a few buckets and started to fill them from a spicket in the barn, Mary stepped up to help and after what seems like hours of nursing the pigs they both took a little rest in the barn where not only mud flew but a few sparks too. 

Poor Edith traveled to London where she confessed to her Aunt Rosamund that she was pregnant and not planning to keep it.  Although she clearly disapproved Rosamund accompanied Edith to the doctors office where, after a few minutes, Edith decided that she had made a mistake and they left. What is to happen now I can only guess. 

Lady Rose, who accompanied Edith to London, was up to her old tricks again. While Edith was dealing with her issues Rose was out with Jack Ross the African band leader floating down the river and kissing him in public. When is this girl going to learn? 

It seems that as much as Anna tries to hide the identity of her attacker he continues to turn up like a bad penny. Lord Gillingham returned to Downton under the pretense that it was a convenient half way point on his travels, of course he is coming to see Lady Mary and along with him comes the arrogant Mr. Green. Clearly upset by his return, Anna tries to hide her anxiety which seemed pretty obvious to me and several others in the room. Mrs. Hughes confronts Mr. Green in the boot room about what he did and lets him know that she knows and is on to him. I loved to see her in action, like a mother hen protecting her little chick. 

Mr. Green doesn't take the hint and over dinner while discussing his last visit and his feelings about opera lets it slip that he left the room and came downstairs. Mr. Bates catches on and realizes that he was the attacker. It remains to be seen what Mr. Bates has in store for this vile man.

 Violet came down with a fever and bronchitis and Isobel stepped up to nurse her back to health. Violet at times delirious states to the doctor, "I want a new nurse, this one talks too much. She is like a drunken vicar." Once the fever breaks the doctor tells her that Isobel is the one that took care of her for two days, Violet is embarrassed. The doctor tells her, "you will be rewarded in heaven." And Violet replies, "The sooner the better."

These are just the highlights so be sure to tun in to see the entire episode. Or chime in here and tell me what you favorite part was.

I hope that you have a wonderful week! Be safe. 


  1. Oh no....the weather is again going to beat us up? Even I am feeling it, and again, I can usually barrel through the winter. But this one has sapped the energy out of my HAIR!!!!!!

    Oh Downton, how we love you. The only thing I need to see is the Christmas special that was not available on streaming when we had our Downton fest last month! ENJOY, my friend! Anita

  2. Don't you love the relationship between Isobel and Violet? They remind me of the older women in my family as I grew up; constantly sniping at each other and always there when the going got rough. Mrs. Hughs is one of my favorite characters, but, then, most of them are. Love your synopsis each week, Sunday.

  3. Missed it again last night, but I will watch it tonight...but I have already seen it so no spoilers. Things are definitely getting interesting, aren't they?

    Have a wonderful week, Elizabeth! xoxo

  4. Oh, I did watch last night. I am hoping to have the chance to rematch it tonight or tomorrow; I was a bit distracted by a phone call. We have some winter weather coming in tonight, but have been promised 60s by the end of the week. Have a wonderful week...Bonnie

  5. Ok, I wanted to come say hi, but I haven't watched yet so I had to not read!!! lol

  6. Hello Elizabeth

    I think all of you need to sell up and come and live in Florida. What parties we could have. We will shovel sand not snow.

    You beautifully describe Downtown Abby. I did watch last evening and my big worry is how Bates will handle the brazen Mr Green.

    Have a great week

    Helen x

  7. Was glad to see some story movement! I like the bits of Rosmund who tells it straight. I was wondering aloud if Lady Mary was ever that dirty before and my husband said yes, when she rides to the hounds. Ok but not in a jet beaded dinner dress. We laughed at the properness when Ivy came in the kitchen.

  8. I thought it was such a good episode, Elizabeth...
    I loved the scene with Mary helping out...
    Can't wait for more!


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