Monday, February 3, 2014

Downton Updates, Sherlock Thoughts, and Superbowl Commercials

Good morning! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy Superbowl 48? Or did you skip it to watch Downton Abbey and Sherlock?


I have said before that although I am not an avid football fan I still "watch" the Superbowl along with my husband or family or whoever I am with. I tune in for the food and the commercials. Although I turned it off just after half time to watch Downton and Sherlock I did enjoy a few things.

I LOVED Renee Fleming singing the national anthem, and the both commercials from Budweiser, "Puppy Love" and a "A Hero's Welcome". I mean who didn't think the friendship between the puppy and the horse was cute? I had tears in my eyes watching the ad of the soldier returning home from his tour of duty.  As for the game, lets say if you loved the Seahawks than the game was exciting, if you were a fan of the Bronco's not so much.

On to Downton, if you did not watch last night than skip ahead because there are spoilers after this point.

 Alfred did win a spot in the cooking school after another person dropped out. Of course he was excited but Daisy was distraught as unrequited love is painful.


Thomas is still scheming behind the scenes to acquire information to use both upstairs and down. I have no idea what he has on Ms. Baxter but he put pressure on her this week to spy on the family. After a little resistance and prodding she discovers that Rose was planning a surprise and that Anna and Bates were having some difficulties. I will be so disappointed if Thomas uses this information to hurt Anna, she has always been kind to him and she has been hurt enough this season.

Anna is back in the cottage with Bates and they are trying to make a go of things and put the past behind them. Sadly, as hard as they try it doesn't work, Anna thinks Bates sees her as a victim and Bates thinks he failed to protect Anna. I hope that these two find a way to move on and that Mr. Green gets his due but not at the hands of Bates.

Speaking of Cousin Rose, that girl is a loose cannon isn't she? After inviting Jack Ross and his jazz band to Downton to surprise cousin Robert, Mary spies Rose and Jack kissing in the kitchens. I cannot image given the time period of this drama that a romance will be welcomed between the two.

Edith spent the majority of the episode wringing her hands and crying about her missing boyfriend, Michael Gregson. Then she received a late afternoon letter confirming what we had all surmised, after being jilted and dumped in the past, her luck has indeed gotten worse, she is pregnant. Can this girl ever get a break?

Lady Mary continues to move forward and in this episode glimpses of the old Mary appeared, especially as she sparred with Evelyn's boss Charles Blake who has come to stay at the Abbey as they assess the viability of England's grand estates. 

The Dowager Countess and Isobel stole the show this week, as they spent the entire episode sparring with one another. Isobel was on her high horse championing the cause of young Pegg who was fired by the Countess because she thought he had stolen a few items from her rooms.

There was of course so much more that happened but those were the highlights for me.

As for Sherlock, I have to thank Jeanne at Collage of Life again, I am addicted to the show and it goes without saying sad that last night was the end of the season. They need to make more episodes, and if not than please don't make us wait so long between seasons.

Do tell, what did you think of Downton Abbey and Sherlock? Or did you watch the Superbowl? Did your team win?

I hope that you have a great week, stay safe as yet another storm is on its way and according to Punxsutawney Phil so is six more weeks of winter.

If you would like to console yourself with some tasty treats visit Once Upon a Chocolate Life for the recipe to The Best Chocolate Chips Cookies I have ever eaten. 


  1. I've seen all of Downton thanks to streaming it on the internet, but we still haven't caught the Christmas episode! Sherlock is our FAVORITE, and we watched all of that at well. You will LOVE IT! No Superbowl for us,but rather, there's a great mystery for ya, though not British.

    Happy day my friend! Anita

  2. We had the same taste in commercials! Those two made me well up with happy tears:) We had a small party so of course we watched the big (and disappointing) game....felt horrible for Payton, what a pathetic show on their part!
    But the food was good lol. Many commercials I was not impressed with, its amazing to me...all that money and thats the best they can do? But Budweiser always hits a homerun to me.

  3. We don't get the commercials north of the border, but the only two of note that I wanted to see are already on Youtube- a trailer for the next Captain America film and a Jaguar commercial featuring Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong, and Ben Kingsley.

    I don't care for football, so I never watch things like the Super Bowl to begin with.

    As for Sherlock... well, yes, the British need to make more shows... their seasons are so short, and come so far between a specific season and the next.

  4. Last night was an overload on TV watching... and I really don't watch much... I think my DVR was burning up! The commercials are definitely one of the best things about last nights game! and my all time favorite was and always will be Budweiser!

  5. I agree about the Super Bowl ads - Budweiser nails it every year! I missed Downton last night (but had already seen it)...we will watch tonight.

    Those cookies look amazing!! Hope you have a great week, Elizabeth! xoxo

  6. I agree with you and do my best to honor the Super Bowl but had to watch Downton, and your synopsis was spot on.
    Those cookies look so good, I am trying to cut back on sweets....tempting.

  7. Elizabeth, I loved last night's episode of "Downton." So much happened. Mary obviously is heading toward a romance, Rose continues to shock all her relatives, and poor Edith looks to be heading towards a broken heart, once again. Wishing you a wonderful week!

  8. We did watch the Super Bowl and I agree.. the Budweiser commercial was the best. So much money goes into the making of these ads and sometimes I don't see the point... The game was a bit lop-sided and I know it was a huge disappointment for many. That said, I have watched our team develop over the years (our daughter cheered for the Seahawks) and feel proud that they had the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl. Regardless of whether or not one cares for football or not, I must say that this whole experience really brought our state/community together .. and that was wonderful to see:)

    I've started watching Downtown Abbey however I'm a bit behind. xxL

  9. Hello Elizabeth.

    We, like you watched Super Bowl until half time and Bruno Mars was spectacular. I missed the commercials, must have been checking my emails then. Downton was entertaining. I am getting somewhat tired of Cora, as an actress. Is it her role or her acting that lags?
    Is Sherlock on PBS?
    Have a wonderful week

    Helen xx

  10. Leslie above, am considered to be one of the 12's ! Our community has never been closer. The human interest - love stories shared on the road to the Superbowl have been as great as some of the episodes of Downtown Abbey. I cannot tell you how many times I was brought to tears.

    You always share the yummiest recipes!

  11. Downton only... :)
    You have a perfect synopsis there, my dear!
    I really want Edith to have some joy....
    I also want one of these cookies...heee...
    - Irina

  12. P.S. Thank you for the update on Downton! I missed it due to the Super Bowl...testosterone ruled!! N.xo


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