Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Favorites from Gearhearts, Smells Like Home, 4 Around the Table, Collage of Life and More

Good morning! I hope that your week was fabulous. Mine was a little crazy, no make that a lot crazy so this week all of my favorites about about soothing the soul and finding a little comfort. 

Peanutbutter Pup Candy from Gearhearts

Chocolate is always a great place to start to when you are feeling  low and these little pups while making you smile will go a long way towards boosting your spirits.They are almost too cute to eat I think but I believe I could manage to give it a try. By the way 5% of all the proceeds from Peanutbutter Pups are donated to Companions for Hero's. If you need something chocolate that you can make with your very own hands, here are 25 Chocolate Recipes you might want to delve into this weekend. 

4 Around the Table

Lucky for me this week Leslie posted about the importance of pampering yourself during the long months of winter with flowers, baths, soothing cups of tea and shared the recipe for this scrumptious granola on 4 Around the Table.  I have already made it and I can tell you that it is a wonderful and healthy way to start the day. Now if your winter weary soul needs something a little heartier perhaps a little Macaroni and Cheese from Smells Like Home would do. Cheese like chocolate is always a good idea and this recipe looks delicious. 

Image Jeanne at Collage of Life

If you are looking for a place to heal your heart, sooth your soul, regroup or just relax, Jeanne at Collage of Life provided a link to Healing Holidays around the world. Just looking at these amazing places makes me feel a little more relaxed. 

Image Country Living Properties

I love traveling and often dream of living in either Scotland, England or Paris. This week while perusing some of my favorite magazines I thought maybe this might be a nice place to escape and take in a few country pursuits. What do you think, could you see yourself here? For information on this property and more click HERE.  And if you want to escape to Paris and enjoy a few different views of the Eiffel Tower click HERE or HERE to win a copy of a wonderful new book Paris Letters which Sandy at You May Be Wandering is giving away. 

This little article and video will make you laugh and appreciate the simple pleasures of life, and this one by Kelly Corrigan will bring a tear to your eye and remind you that life and love are precious and not to be taken for granted, something we all need to be reminded of now and then. 

I hope that you have a nice, relaxing weekend. We are in for more snow and cold giving me the perfect excuse to stay in and enjoy my time with my family. Be safe and hopefully warm for those of you who have lost power.


  1. That house in the country looks great. Here in Maine we have the Toboggan
    races this weekend. My Daughter ,no spring chicken has taken up the ski's so I am stressed out everytime she goes.Oh yes, that place looks wonderful, so does the chocolate.Good post.

  2. I needed to see that last quote this morning, before I head off to start another day. Yesterday was a disappointment, today is another chance. Love those dog candies! THEHEHEHEEHE

  3. All excellent suggestions Elizabeth. My favorite is the chocolate pups! How cute & socially responsible

  4. Those peanutbutter pups look cute... and scrumptious!

  5. The little doggie peanut butter cups are just adorable! Yes.. cheese and chocolate do it for me every time;)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I'm in love with that last quote. Thank you for sharing such wonderful links, I've already discovered Leslie's and I'm on to see the others. Have a great weekend Elizabeth.

  7. Ahhhh - TGIF! Thanks for sharing these, Elizabeth. I love Leslie's simple recipe for a healthy breakfast. And Jeanne, being the world traveler, knows all the best places to visit. Cheers, Loi

  8. Have a lovely weekend. I'd love to live in Scotland too, every so often I find my dream day perhaps.

  9. Oh how wonderful to see the look of the precious angel's face as she dances in the rain. Enjoy the weekend! Bonnie

  10. Lots of delightful ideas on how to enjoy life.

    Now think of the rainclouds to go with each scene and you have an accurate image. I think I’ll stick with the chocolate.


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