Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Favorites from Jenn Cuisine, Waiting on Martha, Bon Appetit, Half Baked Harvest and More

Good morning! How was your week? Do you have some exciting plans for the weekend? 

I am headed to Chicago for a little family time, a little shopping, a walk or two on the Prairie Path and of course a burger from my favorite place, Portillo's. I cannot wait!

This week I have been dreaming of the Malmesbury House, which is currently is on the market if you would like to own a house in England. I mean if it is good enough for Charles II it should be good enough for us.

I reminisced about a few of my past trips to Venice while reading Jenn Cuisine. In addition to being a talented photographer Jenn also features fabulous gluten free recipes. If you would like to see Jenn's work click HERE.

Photo Credit Christopher Baker from Bon Appetit

I learned how to make The Perfect Baked Potato from Bon Appetit and discovered a few interesting Wines from Waiting on Martha..

Milke Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Brownies

I hope that you find something new here this week and as always, if you have something to share please do! Have a warm, wonderful and safe weekend. 


  1. Oh, give us some of that baked potato my friend! Have you ever made baked potato soup? The soup's on again tonight for we are BURIED in snow...Elizabeth, you would not believe it.

    Please be safe on your trip to Chicago; if we got hit this bad, they surely have the same situation. LOVE!

  2. The brownies look utterly delicious!

    Enjoy the trip!

  3. Thanks for the links! Have a blast in should check out one of my favorite restaurants - RPM Italian...It is SO good! xoxo

  4. Oh, do have a wonderful time in Chicago. I have feeling the need for a shopping trip. I hope you have lots sunshine. I am so craving one of those brownies. Enjoy your adventure and be safe. Bonnie


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