Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Thoughts in Waterlogue

Good morning! I hope that you are safe and warm at home and with power while the storm rages around the country. I read yesterday that 60% of the US is covered in snow and there is more coming. 

I am putting the snow and cold out of my mind today and thinking of Valentines Day.  Will you be celebrating the day with your special someone? 

What do you like to give or receive as a Valentine's Day gift? Something homemade like cookies, cupcakes or a wonderful home cooked meal of all of your favorite dishes?

Or do you prefer to go our for a candlelit dinner?

Perhaps you are a candy fan? Do you like to receive or to give candy? According to the National Confectioner's Association 69% of Americans prefer chocolates over flowers and that number jumps to 83% with American men.

I would have to agree with those numbers, I would much rather receive something sweet to eat than a bouquet of flowers. That said, I always appreciate the beautiful flowers that my husband sends to me but I LOVE the candy more and if he sent me a box of doughnuts I would be in heaven! 

What is there not to love about a big box of chocolates? Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, nuts, and nougats all together in a heart shaped box waiting to be sampled. 

What is your favorite brand? Fran's? Jacques Torres? Godiva? Theo's? Woodhouse? What is your favorite flavor? Dark or milk chocolate? I love the dark chocolate salted caramel pieces. In fact I have been known to poke holes in the candy just to find my favorite pieces. For the record, I only poke holes in the candy in my box not the communal box. 

As for flowers my favorites are white tulips. I realize that roses are the perennial favorite but for me it has always been tulips or lily of the valley. 

In fact, in 2013 there were 233 million roses produced for Valentines Day.

I have to be honest I am not a huge Valentine's day fan, I prefer to let my husband, family and friends know all year long how much I love them and that is why my favorite Valentine gift is a hand written note or card. In this day and age receiving a card or note snail mail is rare and that is what makes it all the more special.

Whatever your feelings about the holiday, Valentine's Day is the perfect day to raise a glass to the loved ones in your life that make everyday special. Let them know how much you love and appreciate them; life is precious and sometimes all too short so do not let the day pass without telling them.

All images take by me and edited on Waterlogue my new favorite app. 

I hope that you have a safe and fabulous day!


  1. Valentine's Day is the anniversary that Ruben and I met in church! 34 years ago now.....and I saw this new watercolour app at Tina's blog and I still need to investigate this for I LOVE THE EFFECTS! Oh my friend, how beautiful is your post today! LOVE LOVE LOVE to you! And lots of chocolate!

  2. Oh my gosh..these are amazing!! I am envisioning an entire collage wall of these with pretty pink glossy frames:) Isn't Waterlogue the coolest thing ever?

    I feel very lost with my blog being in a disarray and my blogroll gone for now, but not for long! Trying to play catch up today, since we are snowbound....AGAIN!!!!!

    Take care....

  3. Hello, dearest Elizabeth!
    Oh, I love this new app...I've been seeing it around...
    And although I have the sweetest memories of Valentine's Day, I am with you...where all year and every day it is important to show and express your love...AMEN to that! :) But who doesn't love the hearts and chocolate?!
    I wish you a sweet, lovely day tomorrow....and I am sending you much LOVE.
    Stay warm, dear friend...
    - Irina

  4. Your waterlogue photos are pure bliss!! So pretty, Elizabeth!! We went out for a yummy French dinner last night - that's our special treat. Now we're snowed in. The DC area got over 12" !!!! Hugs to you, L

  5. chocolates, please! homemade from a little shop near me (chocolat by daniel). and i like my chocolates filled with chocolate. happy love day.


  6. I've been seeing this app around at a couple of photoblogs lately.

    I'm single, and that's not likely to change anytime soon... so Valentine's isn't really a priority for me.

  7. Love the waterlogue app! Your pictures are perfect...oh I do hope you get a box of sweet.

  8. stunning elizabeth, especially the candy hearts and tulips!
    in chicagoland we have a local candy called 'fannie may'. a few years ago they went out of business, oh the uproar!! someone else quickly bought the recipes. a collective sigh.......
    happy v day to you!


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