Thursday, March 27, 2014

Be Kind

Good morning! I have been thinking this week about people that we "see" each day in the course of our daily lives, whether it be reading their blog, interacting with them at work, purchasing something from them, etc. How much do you really know about that person, or do you think you know? 

Did you know that the person at Starbucks serving you your coffee this morning was beat up last night by her boyfriend? Or that a blogger that you read on a daily basis has just been diagnosed with cancer? Or perhaps the old man that walks the track next to you each day, has lost his wife and has no children nearby so the only contact he has each day are with the people that engage him on the track by asking how he is or laughing at his jokes?

What about the maintenance man in your building, did you know that he was in a work camp in Russia and the reason that he loves food is that he was starved for so many years?

And the teenager in the car next to you at the stoplight with the big grin on his face, did you know that he was just accepted into college, the first person in his family to ever go?

And the lady at the grocery store with the unruly kids that get on your nerves, did you know her husband has been deployed for the past 18 months and she is trying to do it all on her own?

It is funny because we all see what we want to see and often times our own issues and problems cloud our judgement or perhaps make us more judgemental and less compassionate.

Life is short, and time is precious, everyone has baggage and issues and on any given day someone that you come in contact with is struggling. 

Do you offer a kind comment on a blog post or do you criticize because it is not something that you like or would make? Do you say hello and engage the clerk at the grocery store, and do you actually listen to what they say when you ask how they are? 

Sometimes life is hard, sometimes it is wonderful. Some day's life is a struggle and some day's it is a holiday.We never know what sort of a day it is for someone else so why not offer a little smile to everyone you  meet? Maybe that is the day that your kind word or smile gives them hope enough to live another day. 

I hope that you have a wonderful day and that everyone you meet today is kind!


  1. HERE HERE! There is so much going on that we simply cannot see or know, but what we do know is this: BE KIND.

    Oh how you've set my day on fire, Elizabeth! Anita

  2. Thank you for this reminder Elizabeth. Some of the scenarios brought tears to my eyes because I have been there or someone I care about has been in a similar situation. We all can relate. Also, we hope that when someone we care about is out and about, say our elderly parents, we hope someone is being kind to them. The world is a hard enough place as it is, kindness really does help. Thank you for the reminder. May kindness find its way to you and yours today :)

  3. What a thoughtful post, Elizabeth. So many lovely quotes here and it's good to be reminded about the problems of strangers and friends we encounter... sometimes we get so tangled-up with our own knots we forget to help others unravel theirs, so thank you :o)

  4. Oh my gosh..this gave me chills and had me crying. YOU ARE SO RIGHT! You just never ever know....and this post is really driving that point home to be kind to everyone, and i do believe that everyone is fighting something, big or small. Some hide it incredibly well. Thank you for the reminder to be kind, I am going to share this post with my readers on my next random musings post......important to spread the word!

  5. You've said it so perfectly Elizabeth. Compassion happens when we slow down and see ourselves in someone else's life. Thanks for the beautiful post.

  6. So very well said, Elizabeth! It is so important to try to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Compassion and kindness are such basic principles but so often forgotten in the world today. Thank you for this!

  7. What a wonderful and kind post Elizabeth! Thank you!
    Enjoy your time with your family. xx


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