Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Styling Magazine by Coty Farquhar

I LOVE magazines! My postman however does not. Nor does my husband because I cannot part with any of them once I have read them. I have no idea why that is the case but it pains me to throw any away, consequently I think I have at least 300 back issues of my favorites from Country Living UK, Veranda, House Beautiful and English Homes to name but a few. Those were all that remained after a massive purge in November.

All Images Styling Magazine

Luckily there are many online magazines to explore, which take up no additional space int the house. One of my all time favorites is Styling by Coty Farguhar.

All images Styling Magazine

Each and every page is a feast for the senses; the art, the flowers, the photography and the beautifully written stories make this magazine one to sit and linger over for hours. Each edition also features a story and fabulous photos from Sharon Santoni of My French Country Home.

If you have not read the March Issue yet be sure to stop by and take a look.

You can also find Coty Farquhar on her BlogPinterest and Facebook.

Have a great day!


  1. She inspires! I went ahead and created my own ISSUU account to create my own magazine, but of course, I ran into technological difficulties that have prevented me from going any further with the idea! Have a inspirational day my friend! Anita

  2. My mother would pick up magazines along those lines, and keep them close by in a basket. When the basket would be full, she'd do a purge.

  3. What a stunning cover!! That would make a showstopping wallpaper. Look forward to checking out this latest online magazine. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth. Cheers!

  4. I do understand... I have hundreds of UK Country Livings and am really struggling to make myself part with them now :o(

  5. This is Coty's best issue ever. She just keeps getting more beautiful.

  6. I also love magazines and can't wait to look at the online one you featured today. Have a wonderful week, Elizabeth!

  7. i did not know city had a magazine.....that makes me sound particularly out of touch! her pinterest pages are stunning.
    by the way, my husband also hates my magazine obsessions, the last time we moved there were dozens of boxes of magazines. he did not know what was in there but wanted to know "what is in all these massively heavy boxes?!" i stayed mum.......

  8. Her talent is awe inspiring....I am going to go over and read her March issue. If it were a physical magazine, I would be first in line to sign up....still cannot get use to e mags but hers is an exception. GORGEOUS!!

  9. That wall paper is gorgeous, I am the same way about some magazines.
    I really need to look at them again and donate some.
    Pretty post.

  10. I love the magazine...I missed the latest issue and will definitely read it after seeing these photos. Hope you are having a fabulous day, Elizabeth! xoxo


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