Monday, March 10, 2014

Thinking of Spring, Flowers, Bulbs and Hyacinths

Can you believe that 10 days from now it will be the first "official" day of Spring? No, me neither. But this weekend I was determined to make the most of the heat wave and to go in search of a little Spring. 

Out with the pine cones and in with a few bulbs and flowering plants, at least that was the plan. 

Flowering Spring plants and bulbs are rare, in fact they are for the most part non-existent in Wisconsin at this time of the year.

It is simply too early for most of the garden centers to carry bulbs or flowers or anything remotely related to warmer weather. 

 I had anticipated this, so a few days ago I did a little shopping online and found a few hyacinth bulbs that we could force so that my mom would have some fresh greens and color for the next long weeks. 

Admittedly they will take a few weeks but "hope springs eternal."

In the meantime, we managed to track down one lonely little flowering hyacinth and I have to tell you that this  little plant is like a beacon guiding us toward warmer days. 

Its sweet scent wafts from one room to the next. 

And its pure white flowers and bright green leaves offer a glimpse of what will come in the next few weeks once the mounds of snow melt.

Tell me, are you seeing signs of Spring in your area? Are you out enjoying a little little sun and perhaps taking in a few warm weather activities? Or are you in the same boat that I am?

Please share your warm, sunny stories so that those of us that are in the eternal winter can live vicariously through you.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. No signs fact they are talking about possibly having snow on Wed!!!!! I cannot handle another day of this...yesterday was a tease though it was near 50 and wonderful and a glimpse of what is to come......I love spring flowers and go a little nuts at the nursery come April, aren't hyacinths amazing? Love the scent.

  2. What beautiful, optimistic images... I feel that little white hyacinth is a personal friend now! We have been deluged by winter floods in England, but today is warm and sunny... and the crocuses are smiling :-) JJ

  3. Lovely!

    No, we're still buried in snow... and had more of it over night.

  4. in chicagoland the sun is shining today and headed towards the mid 50's!
    then.....a big snow storm is coming tuesday night. so my winter weary eyes loved glimpsing at green!

  5. We had ice on Friday and it was 70 degrees today - what an unusual weather time!

  6. I can almost smell your hyacinth! I got a taste of spring when I was in DC on Saturday - it was in the high 60's..then back down to the 40's and cold again on Sunday. Oh won't be long now!

    Have a fabulous week, Elizabeth! xoxo


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