Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome Spring and My Three Year Blog Anniversary!

Good morning and a Happy Spring to you! Although to be precise I believe it actually begins at 12:57 PM EDT. Wouldn't it be great if at 12:57 we went outside and just like in the movie The Wizzard of Oz the sky turned blue and the flowers and trees bloomed? Ok, I know that is wishful thinking in Wisconsin as today I saw a few snowflakes but a girl can dream can't she?

In addition to the first day of Spring this week is my third blog anniversary! Frankly I cannot even believe I started a blog. Although I always thought it would be fun to start one and even signed up in 2008 I just could not bring myself to post anything until three years later. What in the world I was waiting for I could not say, perhaps some Divine inspiration?

In any case I am happy that I finally took the plunge. I have been blessed to meet many inspirational and exciting people that I now call friends. I have expanded my horizons, learned many new things, grown not only a little older but also a little wiser. To date I have published 843 posts and have had 1,125,905 visitors!

I just wanted to thank each and every person that visits and comments on my posts, your encouragement and kind words always make my day! 

Happy Spring! And thank you again for coming to visit Pine Cones and Acorns!


  1. Congratulations on achieving this milestone. Unlike you we are having an extended summer and I'm waiting for Autumn, not so much looking forward to Winter, but during the colder months I do have more opportunities to stitch. I'm so glad we don't have the snow that you do, I would just want to hibernate like a bear. Best wishes Wendy

  2. And a wonderful three years it has been! Happy Anniversary Elizabeth and Happy Spring! I am keeping my fingers crossed for the first buds of the season. Sending you warm wishes from Saigon..

    Jeanne xx

  3. Congrats on 3 years, happy you took the plunge too! Enjoy the day and I think spring really might be on its way...woo hoo.

  4. It's been three years, Elizabeth? REALLY! Happy Blog Birthday! I am so glad I started six years now, and it's been a life-altering experience. Thank you for every kindness you have shown me my friend.

  5. Happy, happy anniversary, Elizabeth!!! You've shared so many lovely posts - we thank you!!
    And happy first day of spring :)

  6. Elizabeth,
    Celebrate all the love you share here - now and then. Three years, is quite an accomplishment.
    I love how our blogs connect us to one another. My world is more beautiful knowing we share such beauty~

  7. We have the most beautiful day here for the first day of spring! Good riddance old man winter. And congrats on your 3 year mark!!

  8. Congratulations on reaching such a great milestone! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  9. Congratulations! So funny as mine was yesterday for three years too. Thanks for your note. Doesn't the time go fast? I also had mine for a long time before I actually wrote. You have such a lovely, quality blog and I always love visiting here!
    x Kim

  10. You are welcome, dear Elizabeth! I love popping in to visit you!
    Congratulations and Happy Spring!

  11. Elizabeth, Congratulations and happy spring! I,for one, am very happy you took the plunge and continue to inspire us daily. It is always a joy to read your posts. I do hope the snow begins melting soon and spring is quick to make her entrance. A good weekend to you as well. Hugs! Bonnie

  12. Well done Elizabeth, I am so full of admiration, you continue to write beautiful things, publish stunning photographs and introduce me to new and interesting people. I love turning to your blog for inspiration and uplifting thoughts.
    Looking forward to the next three years.
    Jude x


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