Saturday, April 12, 2014

Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

Good morning! Today instead of my regular Friday Favorites I decided to compile a few of my favorite ways to decorate Easter Eggs, after all I am a bit behind on getting ready for the holiday and I need all of the ideas I can get. 

I scoured Pinterest  and these are just a few of the unique and creative ideas that I found. What we ever did without Pinterest I have no idea. Each and every holiday I am inspired to try something that I see on Pinterest, and Easter is no exception.

Better Homes and Gardens

Gone are the days of simply going to the store for your box of Paas Easter egg dye. Now you can stay at home and use what you have, everything from onion skins to blueberries can naturally dye your eggs.

Image Better Homes and Gardens

Or you can whip out that leftover can of chalk paint, or glitter from a previous project and have something completely new and original!

Chalkboard Eggs from Oleander and Palm

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

There are also stickers, tape, Sharpie markers and many more ideas to try this year with your kids, your grand kids or frankly even yourself!

Image Better Homes and Gardens

After all who doesn't like to act like a kid once in awhile?

Sharpie Eggs from Obviously Sweet

Do you decorate eggs with your family? Do you use a dye kit or are you open to something new each year? 

Glitter Easter Eggs Martha Stewart

I do not think you could go wrong with any of these ideas or the many, many more on Pinterest. Although I do not have any kids at home I may try a few of these techniques myself, just to see how they turn out because every Easter table should have a few beautifully decorated eggs.

Calligraphy Eggs by Oh Happy Day Blog

Ombre Easter Eggs from Country Living

I hope that you share your techniques for decorating Easter eggs! And I hope that you have a fabulous day!

Silk Dyed Easter Eggs from Country Living


  1. These are total works of! I miss those days when my kids were young and we would make a huge mess out of the kitchen with our "creativity in over drive" :)

  2. Hello there Elizabeth! Aren't these fun! I need to get my Easter décor started here before the day arrives! My birthday is 3 days later too....YIKES! Have a super day my friend. Anita

  3. That is a fantastic selection of egg pics! I don't even know which are my favourites I like that many of them!

  4. These are gorgeous, Elizabeth! I don't decorate eggs any more, but enjoyed it back in the day when I had little kids. Half the time the kids mixed so many colors that the eggs turned a washed out brown, but once in a while we would make some pretty ones.

    Have a fabulous weekend, my dear! xoxo

  5. My favorite are the calligraphy eggs by Oh Happy Day. And I just discovered a Paper Source close by so I'm so excited to try working with these tattoo papers. Thanks Elizabeth for sharing all this wonderful inspiration.

  6. I am so happy you posted this as I must make dozens of these beauties for the grandchildren. I really love some of these ideas and would never have discovered them if not for you. xx's

  7. Love that second shot!
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Oh Elizabeth, I thought I had a favorite then I scrolled to the next picture....I love them all. I will be dying eggs with my children at school this week. I love Easter! I hope you are having a great weekend...Bonnie


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