Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm Back from Sunny Sawgrass Resort

Good morning! I hope your week is going well. I am back from a nice long trip to my old stomping grounds in Florida and it was wonderful. My husband has been working a lot lately so it was nice to have a weekend away to spend time together.

We spent two days on Amelia Island enjoying the sights, eating at old favorites and new, including Bar Zin Bistro and Wine Bar and the famous T-Ray Burger Station and visiting friends.


Then we moved over to the Sawgrass Marriott, home of The Players Championship to sit by the pool, relax and attend a wedding. If you are looking for a premier resort and spa and are going to be in the Jacksonville area you should definitely check out the Sawgrass Marriott.


The grounds are stunning, the golf course world re-known and the rooms and villas beautiful and comfortable. I have stayed here a few times before and I love it more with each visit. 

The weather was perfect and not at all typical for this time of year, it was sunny, there was no humidity, and just the right temperature to sit at the pool. I cannot remember the last time I sat by the pool, read and relaxed; I think it is going to be something I do a little more often.

The wedding was beautiful, after all is there anything that embodies faith, hope and love more than a wedding? 

Sadly, during the wedding we found out that our friend passed away of a heart attack that morning and it did take a lot of the joy out of the day because after the news it was all we could think about. 

I hope that you have a good day and remember, life is fragile so tell those you care about that you love them and give them a hug. 

NOTE: I was not compensated in anyway by the Marriott Corporation or the Sawgrass resort, my opinions are my own. 


  1. WELCOME HOME, ELIZABETH! I am so glad you got a chance to spend time with your husband in such a soothing environment! Water, lush and fabulous lodging and each other. What more could you want? I hope you can slow down a little this summer to regain your momentum; that is what I'm hoping for chez moi! I will be going to Paris next summer with my high school classes so I have a year to prepare for that one! This year, I hope to enjoy every day of this vacation that will actually be shorter than past years. School will start in August instead of September!

    Have a lovely day, Anita

  2. What a beautiful place for a wedding. We love Amelia Island - charming and quaint . So sorry about your friend, but it does indeed make us pause and realize life is fragile…

  3. Hi and welcome back! So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.....that is very sad, and you are so right about life being fragile..and to enjoy and cherish every minute that we are given it really is a gift.

  4. Sounds lovely your little get a way!Wedding and all but your right life is fragile and so many people are not LIVING IT!So, sorry to learn you lost a dear friend........

  5. I'm sorry about your friend.

    It looks like a pleasant place.

  6. Sorry to hear about your loss Elizabeth. It's a good reminder to enjoy life, however much we have left. Don't save anything for that special occasion, every day is special.
    Thank you!

  7. Hi sorry to hear about your friend...we lost a friend to a heart attack last week as well. Life is too fleeting...

    Hope you were able to relax and forget a bit at Sawgrass. I love that area - it is just down the street from where my mom lives!



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