Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mother's Day Cards from Etsy

Good morning! I don't know about you but I love "snail mail", letters, post cards, packages, you name it, if it turns up in my mailbox I love it. OK, maybe not all of the little ads and such but all of the rest. 

Cards are one of my favorite things to receive and to send, they give you the opportunity to say a lot even if you do not feel like writing a lot.

How often do you sit to pen your mother a note, letter or card letting you know how special that she is, or how you miss her, or how thankful you are that she is your mom? 

I would guess not too often and perhaps just once a year. If that is the case why not make Mother's Day something special by sending a beautiful, funny, hand crafted card.
Of course you could get one at the local card shop but I think it is much more fun to look for the perfect card on Etsy. After all, they are hand crafted and what better way to let your mom know that you love her than with a card lovingly created?

As I said yesterday, I like sentimental cards, but there are also funny,  artistic,cards as well. I think all you have to do is scroll through the many pages and find a card that speaks to you!

Etsy Store Vintage Letter Press

Are you a fan or card? And snail mail in general? In this age of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram I think that we have lost a little of the person to person contact that letters used to provide. I know that my mother and mother-in-law love snail mail and personally I have been making an effort to send more of it to my family and friends.

I hope that you have a great day and I hope you find the perfect card for your mom!


  1. Great collection Elizabeth! It is very difficult to find anything other than postcards in Vietnam. I have been a great collector of notecards over the years but often find them to difficult to part with. I solved this by buying two of everything. Postcards are easy...a few lines. Notecards take more time and patience to keep my handwriting just so. It is alway a dilemma...but at the end of day it is lovely to send and receive snail mail. I love

  2. Oh that first one is SWEET! Great finds my friend!

  3. These are amazing and I love that they are different from what we see in our neighborhood card shop. Love anything engraved or letter luxurious!

  4. These are so pretty Elizabeth! I haven't even thought about Mother's Day so I need to get going. I'll check out link ~darling name:) I have a new address and I noticed your blog roll has my old one. I've switched to WP. Tough transition..hopefully it's worth it. xxleslie

  5. Love Etsy AND anything letterpress! I am a bit behind on Mothers Day as I have been BUSY...thanks for the reminder! xoxo


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