Friday, May 30, 2014

My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz

Good morning! I hope that you are having a great week! The sun is shining and the temperatures are already in the 90's, it is definitely starting to feel a lot like summer.

I know that a lot of people do not like to cook in the summer because it is too hot, I am not that person. I love to cook anytime of the year and most especially when I have a new cookbook.

I have long been a fan of David Lebovitz, the American pastry chef and blogger who packed up his belonging and moved to Paris ten years ago and has never looked back.

Last month David released his ninth cookbook, My Paris Kitchen.   The book is a combination of  mouthwatering recipes and stories. I have to tell you that of all of his cookbooks and I have many, this is my favorite.

I love that in addition to the delicious recipes, and stunning photographs the book features so many great snippets of his life.  I enjoyed reading about his quest for the perfect sink, or finding the best produce at the market, and the stress of shopping at the Supermarche. Although visiting Paris is a wonderful adventure, if you have spent any length of time there you know that the French have a lot of idiosyncrasies we just don't understand and David shares many of them in this book.

My husband gave me this book less than a month ago and we have made at least two recipes from it each week. In fact we even made the Spiced Meatballs with Sriracha Sauce twice in one week because they were so good. 

My Paris Kitchen contains the quintessential French favorites, like French Onion Soup, Duck Confit and Croque Monsieur bu it also contains Caramel Pork Ribs, Indian Cheese Bread, Hummus and many other recipes that I never thought of as being French, and frankly they are not but they are inspired by David's life and experience in Paris.

Do you have the book My Paris Kitchen? If so what is your favorite recipe that you have tried? If you do not have the book or are unfamiliar with Davids blog, I urge you to check them both out.

Have a great day!

You can find David's blog HERE and his book HERE


  1. 90'S???? Wow already, in May! Funny I have given this book as a gift but do not own it....looks wonderful and the friend I gave it to said its one of her all time favorite cookbooks now.

  2. We love to cook in the summer because of the fresh herbs I grow on the deck and because of the Southern French recipes that are a summer must. HI ELIZABETH!

  3. This is the first I've heard of the book. That scalloped potatoes dish looks tempting!

  4. These recipes look amazing...I NEED this cookbook!! Hope you are staying cool!! xoxo

  5. I've put this as a library request - thanks! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  6. waiting for my Garden of herbs to grow, not much sun??
    Great recipes, i do a lot of grilling in the summer. yvonne


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