Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday Favorites from Habitually Chic, Many Kitchens, Heather Cristo and More

Good morning! Happy Friday! I could dance a little jig I am so happy its the weekend! My week has been long and crazy with too many projects and too little time. 

Image Habitually Chic

This week on my radar is the beautiful photography of Vivian Maier featured by Heather Clausen of Habitually Chic. Vivian lived in the US and Europe and then settled in New York and Chicago for work. What is interesting about her story is that her recognition as a photographer only came posthumously  after her film was discovered in a trunk in a storage unit that had been sold due to non-payment.

Image Habutially Chic

If you would like more information on Vivian Maier there is a documentary in theaters now called Finding Vivian Maier which I have on my list to see.

Image Heather Cristo

Heather Cristo featured Top 10: Summer's Best Desserts. I love dessert and think anyone of these would be perfect to add to my 4th of July Menu!

Image Many Kitchens Blog

Speaking of 4th of July, doesn't this Bitchin BBQ Chicken from Valentina of the blog Many Kitchens look scrumptious?

Sometimes we all need a wake up call or perhaps a little reminder of the important things in life. This week Susan of Simply Vintageous wrote a fabulous piece called We Are Not the House We Live In.

Image Here
Have you ever watched a movie based on numerous recommendations and then wondered why you just did not "get it?" This week I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel and although I liked it I thought is was a little strange. Have you seen it?

What are your plans for the weekend? Sadly I will not have an entirely relaxing weekend as I would like but that cannot be helped, life does get in the way sometimes.

I hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend! Enjoy!


  1. Good morning Elizabeth! I am working on my photography, and I have a long way to go. Looking at these photos that are considered great (and they are!) I am seeing more of what I need to capture in order to make a photo into a story. Oh how lovely to know you will be enjoying your weekend! Anita

  2. Yes, I did see it (on the way to Paris;) and thought is was just okay.. I follow Heather and have been enjoying her posts as well and I like the looks of the grilled chicken. I'm sure grilling is on the menu for the weekend:) We are still in construction mode here so I have less time for blogging. This too will pass and hopefully I will be able to share more photos soon.

    Have a nice weekend Elizabeth!

  3. Hey Elizabeth, you can definitely throw some of that Bitchin BBQ Chicken my way. I luuuurve chicken especially when its BBQ'd. :)

  4. I love everything about your outdoor dining area, and the food looks fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks as well for hosting the party again this week.

  5. Hello Elizabeth

    I will certainly look for Finding Vivian Maier. I have heard conflicting resports on The Budapest Hotel. I am looking forward to seeing "The Grand Seduction" when we are back in the USA. I have heard rave reviews.
    Helen xx

  6. Funny, the ladies in my Barre class and I were just talking about this movie yesterday.... I said I wanted to see it; most said they they didn't care for the slapstick type humor and only two said they thought it was rather comical. I still would like to see it but am looking forward to "The Hundred Foot Journey" that comes out in August.


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