Friday, July 25, 2014

Europe: Simply Irresistible Link Party

Good morning! Today I am participating in a fabulous link party, called Europe: Simply Irresistible hosted by Anita of the blog Castles Crowns and Cottages.

I love to travel and although I have been to visit many beautiful places in the world I have a long love affair with Paris.

ALL Image taken by me!

 I simply cannot get enough of her beauty and return time after, time after time. 

I never tire of seeing the Eiffel tower up close

From afar

or at night. 

The cute little pups awaiting their masters outside the store 

or walking in the park always make me smile.

I take breakfast at the cafe

or while away the day sipping one of the many cups of chocolat that I enjoy throughout my stay

I love to ponder the history of this beautiful city

while walking the same roads others have walked for hundreds and hundreds of years. 

A visit or two, at my favorite place, in my favorite garden, 

to sit and talk with friends or to observe the beauty of life and nature is a must for every trip. 

The food is known the world over but when in Paris 

my favorite thing to do is visit the patisserie

to sample an eclair or two.

The museums, 

the sights,

the shopping

 and the sounds all combine to make me fall more deeply in love each time I visit.

Perhaps on my next visit I should leave a lock on the bridge with the inscription{ Elizabeth & Paris 4-Ever}?


For me there is not just one thing that is "simply irresistible" about Pairs, it is the whole magical place! I cannot wait for my next trip to discover something new and to enjoy my old favorites as well.

If you love to travel I hope that you visit Castles Crowns and Cottages to check out the over 40 other blogs participating in this great party.

Have a great weekend!

NOTE: Anita would like our posts up for a week and that is perfect because I am taking a little break while we have guests in town. I will be back on the 25th. In the meantime enjoy all of the links to the party! They are fabulous!


  1. Bonjour sweet friend! I will be back but I need to put your link on my page. I will be back to soak up the LOVE!


    MERCI! I will be back. Anita

  2. Paris is my favorite city in the your from me....x!

  3. Gorgeous!! Paris is always a great many beautiful things to see, a true gem of the world. Thank you!

  4. C'est la fête des amies grâce à Anita.
    Merveilleuse idée que la sienne qui nous permet de découvrir de superbes endroits.
    Tes belles images me donnent envie de revoir Paris ...

  5. I have never been to Paris, but its many charms certainly make it an enticing destination. I often wonder if my high school level French would do me any good over there! Probably not! That's ok, as long as I can point to the pastries to order, I'm good! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you Elizabeth for taking me back to my ultimate favorite place. Keep this post up all week (take a break from posting!!!) and let others come to see your post. How I love what you did by adding one of Paris's charms: THE DOGS, les chiens, who have such a special look in their eyes and are mostly small and scrappy babies!!!!

    Have a lovely day, Anita

  7. Beautiful shots of the city. I'd love to see it for myself someday.

  8. Beautiful post! I've never been but enjoy reading about everyone's experience! Thank you:)

  9. Beautiful Paris thank you for taking me on your journey, may be you visit my blog sometime...
    groetjes van Marijke

  10. SO lovely!!!!

    Thank you for all the Paris inspiration!!!!!!!
    ~ Violet

  11. Really adorable post. I love each pictures which shows unique designs and it is good to have these type of decorations for the home.

  12. Beautiful images of Paris! Yes, Paris is always a good idea, and I never tire of visiting the beautiful city of light.

    a fellow traveler from Europe: Simply Irresistible!


  13. Oh, Elizabeth!! You have captured both my favorite memories and my dreams of visiting Paris again and again! Your images are lovely! Merci beaucoup!

  14. Oh, Elizabeth!! You have captured both my favorite memories and my dreams of visiting Paris again and again! Your images are lovely! Merci beaucoup!

  15. Ah Paris, so beautiful! For some reasons those cobblestones really capture something about it and of course the gardens...hope you will stop by, I also participated in this lovely european destination link up!
    xo Mary Jo

  16. What beautiful photos and memories you have shared... and even with all of the beauty of Paris, tonight it was the glistening chocolate eclair that held my eyes! :)

  17. Elisabeth thank you very much for sharing such beauty! I have always loved Paris! your pictures are incredibly beautiful!
    Happy summer!

    from Madrid ...
    personally selected products

  18. Dearest Elizabeth, it is so great to get back to my friends in blogland...and seeing Paris through your eyes and loving words rekindles my love affair with it all over again!! Love the pups...and the Luxembourg...breathtaking beauty...
    I hope you are having a wonderful summer, dear friend!
    A bientot!
    - Irina

  19. Beautiful photos to remind me of our lovely adventure there. Everything is so gorgeous, it's difficult to choose a favorite. Thank you for taking me along your lovely destination. Coming over from Anita's linky party.

  20. I can never get enough of your gorgeous Paris photos, Elizabeth! You have really captured the city...not surprisingly, as I know how much you love it! Thank you for the beautiful virtual escape today, my dear! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xoxo

  21. Elizabeth.......Your photos are BEAUTIFUL as is PARIS!I too could NEVER visit too many times and YES I think YOU should leave a lock on the BRIDGE!I shall look for it when I return again...........ANITA sent me!I'm number 26 on her list!
    I too am an ELIZABETH.............

  22. Hello Elizabeth,
    What a fabulous Paris post! So pretty! So perfect! It makes me want to go there NOW and see all that you have shown so charmingly! I love your photos, you really did an incredible job of taking me there with you and making me love all of it!

  23. Bonjour Elizabeth,

    Paris is fabulous and I enjoyed seeing your wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing and giving us the little escape today
    Every time I have visited, I love it more.
    Happy week

  24. So much to love about Paris. I have been once many years ago - may have to go again after this wonderful reminder of a city I love!

  25. Hello Elizabeth,
    All of your photography is marvelous! I really enjoyed my tour and have
    more of a vision of what Paris is all about! Delightful!
    Thank you for sharing! :-D
    Many many Blessings, Linnie

  26. Elizabeth, like you, I am always there, my friend.
    I saved you for the last point of Anita's journey of journeys...
    I knew that you would be meeting me in Paris.
    You say..."the bridge"?
    (I packed a lock too!)
    Isn't blog travel fun?
    Enjoy your break!

  27. Oh no, see what happens when you have been away from blogging for 2 months. I missed this and much more. Now I have to catch up. I love your view of Paris and that fact that after many visits, you are still in love with her. I have to admit mine is a love hate relationship. Sometimes she's charming, others just dirty and crowded. However, I still want to go back. She's a mysterious beauty indeed.

    Hope you are having a lovely summer Elizabeth.
    Much Love

  28. Hey gorgeous, this post is so evocative, lovely & soft. I love the close-ups of the simple things. And, I'm also loving Anita's party! xx's

  29. Elizabeth & Paris ForEver, I love it. It says it all.
    One can see from your photographs how you love your Paris.
    Have a good week

  30. You've done such a lovely job of showing the slice of life pictures of Paris. Some day I'd love to visit. What a great party idea, I'm off to see more of Anita's party.

  31. I just love this post! I really, really want to go to Paris now... You absolutely must do the lock with you and Paris. Love it! xo Kristy


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