Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Meet the Newest Addition to Our Family

Good morning! How was your weekend? Mine was way too short, too much to do and simply not enough time. I did manage to get out with my husband to do a little paddle boarding but it was so choppy and windy we were practically going backwards. In addition to that my husband and I became grandparents, my husbands son had a healthy and beautiful baby boy. And we got ANOTHER puppy!


Call us crazy and maybe we are but our original idea was to get a companion for our dog Munchen who is almost 14. 


It was a great idea in 2009 when we began working with our breeder for a pup, unfortunately or fortunately this breeder is very sought after for her pups who are almost all show dogs. It is rare that she has a "pet" quality pup. Luckily for us this year she had one, a six month old named Paris who we picked up in March.

Once we arrived home it became glaring obvious that Munchen was not going to be a playmate for Paris and although Paris is a fabulous pup and a wonderful companion for Munchen we needed another plan.

Enter Pisa who is our newest addition and actually shares the same parents as Paris. So far Paris and Pisa are great playmates although Paris does not like to share he toys and will not let Pisa lay next to her. As for Munchen, she ignores them both unless they come by her food. Things are going to be a little more crazy here from now on.

Wish me luck with my little pack, this will be my first week with three.

I hope that you have a great week!


  1. Oh goodness Elizabeth . .this is such a sweet post;) Good luck with the "pack" and I'm sure everyone will get along and listen to all of your requests. A fellow dog fan, I enjoy all of your IG pics of the pups:) xxL

  2. Dear Elizabeth,
    I say this is just the beginning of a wonderful friendship and another reason to laugh more heartedly each day. The city names are unique and Pisa looks like she will fit right in. Let the fun begin


  3. YOUR family just increased overnight! You have your hands full my friend because these little guys are SO SMART! Darling names and what snouts! teeee

    Well, it's June 30. I have one and a half months to revel in this summer fun, then it's back to school! NO! NOT YET!

    Dearest Elizabeth, I hope all is well! Anita

  4. So cute! Congrats! I am trying to talk my hubby into adopting another dog so he can play with my crazy puppy, Chowdah. Enjoy you sweet doggies!

  5. I adore them all Elizabeth..Munchen, Paris and Pisa! I take it there is a travel theme going on with the names? Your favourite places? So sweet and that little Pisa is a heart stopper with those big eyes. You have quite the gaggle of merry followers…I am sure they adore you both. Enjoy! xx

  6. Oh how much fun! Dachshunds are so much fun. My daughter has one; I became very attached while staying with them and offered to bring him home. They didn't think that was a good idea. Enjoy! Bonnie

  7. You have your own herd! I heart them all!

  8. Congratulations on the new grandson, and such a pack of sheer puppy cuteness!

  9. How exciting! New puppy and new baby. Wow, you have your hands full of great things my friend! Love you.

  10. How cute are those faces!!! Congratulations, Elizabeth!! Panda, Mocha, Tom and I all send hugs and kisses to the gang - xoxo, L

  11. Congratulations on becoming grandparents… how wonderful. Love your pups! Paris looks just like my coco ( except my coco is 15)… adorable!

  12. Ahhhh....they are precious!!! Congratulations on Pisa AND the new grandbaby! What an exciting weekend! Hope you have a good week with your babies! xoxo

  13. Congrats!!!! They are all so darling....Pisa is a cutie. Have fun!

  14. Congratulations, on the new addition to your family and pup also. Muchen
    is just getting old. As you age, it seems nothing is too exciting, been there,
    done that. yvonne

  15. Wow! Growth spurt!
    My high school graduation present from my mother and father was a Mini Dachshund. ( I named her Maggie May, (quintessential 70's).
    Doxies are the sweetest, snuggliest doggies! Your babies are beauties!
    Congratulations on all of your new arrivals, Elizabeth!
    Happy Fourth of July!

  16. OMG you must be crazy!!! They ARE awfully cute though :)


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