Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Little Pupdate

Good morning! The sun has finally shown its face after 5 days of grey, ugly days and my pups are in heaven now that they can get outside again and frolic in the clover.


In case you are new to my blog, I thought I would give you a pup update. For 14 years we had one cherished, dachshund named Munchen, now we have three!  In 2009 we thought she could use a friend and began working with a breeder to find the perfect companion.  Unfortunately this breeder is very sought after and our specific pup never became available. That is until we compromised this past March and got Paris, a 6 month old pup.


Paris is a fabulous, playful and lovable now, 10 month old. .


 Munchen is 14 and not so friendly or playful, although still lovable. 


Enter Pisa, a rambunctious, "rolly-polly', little pup we picked up at the end of June.

Pisa recently turned 3 months old and she is a handful!

From the minute Paris and Pisa wake up until they go to bed they are running, jumping, biting, chasing one another, then they take a nap and get up to start all over again.

Munchen likes to sit on the sidelines and nap because all of their antics wear her out.

The house looks like a day care, there are toys, beds, blankets and houses everywhere.

I am continually picking up toys, going for walks and of course taking tons of photos of my little pack!

We are all settling in and although some days it is chaos I would not change a thing. These pups make me laugh out loud all day long, with their antics.

I hope this answers a few of the questions I have received about the pups.

Have a great day!


  1. I loved reading this post and seeing the pictures. Dachshunds are my favorite! We used to have a little black mini named Rambo, but we called him The Flying Rambini because of the way he looked when he was running! :)

  2. Glad you are enjoying your busy furry family:)

  3. Oh, they are all cuties. We had a daschund-cocker spaniel mix when I was a child.

  4. OMG when I read your first sentence, I thought they had died!!! Thank goodness I read the rest of the post. I was just sick for a minute there. So happy all is well!!!

  5. The y are great aren't they?? Our two minis love to curl up like that too and LOVE to snuggle.


  6. a team, luv it!!!

    these are lucky pooches indeed. knew i really liked you......anyone this wonderful to animals wears a crown in my eyes

  7. They are so, so cute! So glad the sun came out for them to play!! xo Kristy


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