Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to School Memories

Good morning! Yesterday was the first day back to school for my niece Gabrielle, and at a new school to boot. As her mom and I discussed her day I was reminded of so many of my own first days of school.

From kindergarten through high school I attended Catholic schools and part of our back to school schedule was the trip to the uniform store. We wore plaid jumpers with white shirts and knee socks until high school. I can tell you that a jumper, especially plaid, is universally unflattering for every body type, tall, short, skinng, or plump, everyone looks like a big tartan square.

Once we started high school, all girls, we wore skirts, white shirts and plaid skirts. About the only place you could show off your fashion sense was in your choice of socks or shoes. Believe me, there is still a competition to look cool in uniforms even if only to impress the other girls. 

Personally, I loved my uniform. It made it so easy to get up and get dressed in the morning. I never had to worry about what to wear or how I was going to look. Funny because when my niece changed schools to one with uniforms she made the observation that she would save an hour a day not having to think about what to wear!

In my formative years we moved every two years, so there were a lot of firsts day of school as the new kid. As I type this I think about the awkward feeling of standing in the front of the class and having to introduce myself yet again to a new group of kids, most of whom had been going to school together for years, all eyes on you giving you the once over. Thankfully we stopped moving when we started high school.

In life there are many of those same awkward moments, on your first day at your new job, the day you join a new club or a class, or when you step into a room of strangers at a party. Oddly, it never gets any easier for me and I always feel as if I am back in a room standing in front of a bunch of kids who are "taking my measure" as they say. Does anyone have any tips for making this easier? I would love to hear them!

Tell me, what are your memories of going back to school? What sort of school did you attend? Religious, public, private? What is your favorite memory of going back to school? 

I hope that you have a great day and for those of you frantically running around trying to fulfill the endless list of back to school supplies good luck!


  1. I loved this!! Many fond memories came flooding back for me reading your post.....I loved going back to school and the promise that a new year brought. New supplies, finding out who was in my classes, etc...ti was all so exciting!
    I too went to a Catholic school and didn't mind the uniform either, it made dressing a cinch:) Wishing you a wonderful day.....

  2. I attended public schools. The work I didn't mind, it was some of the other kids there that I didn't care for.

  3. My favorite parts were new school supplies, new school clothes and meeting up with your school chums that you may not have seen over the entire summer!

  4. Some of my favorite parts of back to school were brand new school supplies (anyone remember pee-chee folders)? New school clothes and meeting up your school chums that you hadn't seen all summer long!

  5. Back to school is making me a bit melancholy this year as for the first time I don't even have anyone going back to college (Carter is already in Hong Kong and will move himself into the dorm this weekend). My daughter wore a plaid jumper and I loved her in it - the little girls were so cute with their ankle socks and pig tails with big bows. I miss those days so much!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week, Elizabeth! xoxo


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