Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall Finds on Pinterest

Fall is 19 days away but you would never know it by the 96 degree temperatures we are having the last few days. The dog days of summer are dragging themselves into Fall. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I am enjoying the sultry days, in fact my husband and I even take a few breaks during the week to sit on the beach and to paddle board.

Fall Foliage

Judging from the visits to my blog from Pinterest I can see that there are many others though who have already said goodbye to summer and are looking for the comforts of Fall.

Comfy Tartan Blankets

Warm wool blankets,

French Onion Soup

Hearty soups,

Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate

Fall spices in drinks


Pumpkin Bars

Desserts and more.

Slab Apple Pie

Are you ready for Fall or are you savoring every last warm, sunny day?

I hope that whatever the case that you enjoy your day!


  1. Hello Elizabeth,

    With the sun high in the blue sky and the temperature gauge rising, we are still holding on to the last rays of summer here in Budapest. Although we love autumn, we are not ready yet for cosy evenings in wrapped round a bowl of hot soup. No, chilled drinks on outdoor terraces are still the order of the day here.....if only we could join you on the beach!

  2. I am definitely savoring the sunshine although, I must say, your pics make fall look enticing! Enjoy the rest of your week, Elizabeth! xoxo

  3. Great photos love the tartan blankets and those pumpkin bars sure do look good. It is hard to wrap your brain a round fall being that close when it is this hot out.


  4. I am definitely ready for the cooler days of falls - 96 here today too! So many beautiful images - really wanting some macaroni and cheese right now!!


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