Saturday, November 22, 2014

Friday Favorites from Cookies & Cups, Kevin & Amanda and More

Good morning! I hope that you are staying warm and that you are safe. I read yesterday that some of you are getting another 2 FEET of snow! Holy cow and that is on top of the 2 feet they already have. Our weather has been swinging 20-25 degrees in either direction. One day I am walking the dogs in a sweatshirt the next in an outfit that looks like I could have been in the Shackleton expedition.

I cannot wait for the weekend because the first thing on my agenda is to make a batch of these Double Chocolate Pudding Cookies from Cookies and Cups

Double Chocolate Pudding Cookies from Cookies & Cups

I am also looking forward to re-reading Sunday at Ciao Dominica post titled Haven. It is a beautiful post about the beauty and comfort of books. In addition she reviews her treasure trove of new books which she brought back from England a few weeks ago. I have already started a list of ones that I need to get based on her recommendation. 

It is true that a picture can speak a thousand words. Amanda of Kevin and Amanda reviewed the new Sony point and shoot camera,  the Sony DSC RX100M III and the photos are fabulous. I cannot believe that she shot such beautiful photos using a point and shoot camera. I may have to ask Santa for this camera.

Are you familiar with Andrea from The French Basketeer? If not you, must visit her blog, she is a chef/stylist/party planner extraordinaire and none of those are her "day jobs." Recently she hosted a farm to table party that I wish I had the pleasure of being at.

Image The French Basketeer

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? We are finalizing our menu this weekend as the guests are arriving on Monday. I am so excited I cannot even tell you!  A week of eating, long leisurely walks, more eating, baking, then more eating, reading, relaxing, and so much more. 

I hope that you have a safe and warm weekend. Enjoy!


  1. We of course have had our Thanksgiving weeks ago.

    Buffalo really got slammed by the snow in the last few days, and it's an area that's quite used to big amounts of snow to begin with, so for them to be in an emergency state proves it's bad.

  2. Elizabeth,
    I can't wait to look at that cookie recipe. And thank you so much for featuring my blog on your Friday Favorites! I hope have a wonderful Thanksgiving and am confident your food will be superb! With lots of delicious baked goods!
    xx Sunday

  3. Wow looks like some good ones here! I love the French Basketeers table..spectacular!
    And i will have to read about the camera, in the market possibly for a new small one I can tote around. Stay warm and have a lovely weekend!

  4. Your Friday favorites always take me down the rabbit hole for a bit on Saturdays...thank you for the escape! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth! Baking or reading anything good these days?? :) xoxo

  5. That sure look like my back yard, are you in Maine? Just dropped in to wish you
    a great Holiday season. Think I'll try the cookies. yvonne

  6. love discovering new, to me, blogs and if they have your recommendation, i'm off!

    happy thanksgiving!!


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