Thursday, December 4, 2014

10 Best Christmas Trees

Good morning! I have my trees up and I am love seeing them lit up all day while I work and move around the house, especially on a gloomy day. Admittedly, I have three that I always decorate the same way and one that I change up. I enjoy seeing my collections which have grown since I was a child but at the same time I enjoy a little change. 

This year I am feeling a little antsy for a change so I have been exploring the net for ideas and today I thought I would share my picks for the ten best trees! 

Inspired By Charm Blog

Ella Claire Blog

Image from Room 17

Image from House Beautiful via here

Image Pottery Barn Blog

Image Country Living

Edible Tree from House Beautiful

Martha Stewart via HERE

Mrs. Craftberry Bush Blog

I know that there are a gazillion trees out there that are beautiful but these are the ones that I like. Do you have a favorite way to decorate your tree? Do you change things up or do you like to use your family ornaments?

I would love to hear about your trees, decorations and ornaments, Do you have a favorite kind or tree? Artificial or real? Heirloom ornaments or shiny new each year.

Have a great day! 


  1. Oh sweet one, you have inspired me! YES! OK, now what do I do....where do I begin because I don't have space to put up another tree! I currently have a great vintage platinum tree on my little theatre....but I want one of those simple real trees in a zinc bucket!

    You have truly inspired me this morning. I am running out the door now, but just wanted to come to say, BONJOUR! Happy day, Anita

  2. They are all so pretty! I am decorating this weekend...thanks for the inspiration! Have a beautiful day, Elizabeth!! xoxo

  3. These are all beautiful! How creative is the first one and I am very jealous that yours is up......have not even begun to get there but doing some decorating here and there, i need a battalion of elves! Enjoy your day...

  4. Wow, that first tree is
    a stunner -- I've never
    seen that done before!

    Our tree is always a
    hodge-podge of past
    and present. My oldest
    ornament is the one my
    grandma bought for my
    dad's first Christmas (he's
    now 75 years old) and I
    always put it way up high
    and think of my love for
    both of them : )

    We'll be traveling this year,
    so it's a little table-top artificial
    one this year, instead of a
    real, full-size. But, like you,
    we crave the light this time of
    year, and love having a tree!

    Happy Wednesday,
    xo Suzanne

  5. I've had my tree for a couple of weeks, but it is still sitting in a bucket of water in the backyard. I am hoping to have it up this weekend....keeping my fingers crossed. I love looking at all the pretty trees, but I also love my eclectic tree. I suppose you might could label it as the "time and travel" tree...the ornaments have been collected over time and so many from our travels. Hugs!

  6. Oh my, an ombré tree! I kind of love it. Definitely a conversation starter! Jenn at East Meets South

  7. Goodness, that 1st one is unbelievable. I would never have thought of that and it's beautiful. The "Mrs. Craftberry Bush" tree is, however, my fav. I use lots of beautiful, opulent ribbon cascading down from the top, sort of pushed in very far and then out again, all the way to the floor. On top I usually have some sort of spectacular vision that I make myself, branches, berries, feathers & on & on. One for the kiddos and a fantasy one in the living room. I put up 1 outside on either side of our entryway with lights and wide bright red, waterproof ribbon. Now I want to see yours !!! Merry Christmas, my friend.

  8. I too love that first one, inspirational. I wish the boat was tall enough. Haven't stopped by in a while so I have some catching up to do Elizabeth. I am a naughtly blogger.
    Hope you are well and looking forward to Christmas. I know you are :-)


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