Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Finding Vivian Maier

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I have a list of movies to watch, books to read and place to see which sometimes seems a mile long. Finding Vivian Maier is one of those movies. I had read about this documentary some time ago and in fact wrote about it on my blog but I never got around to watching it until last night. 

I am so excited that I did. Finding Vivian Maier is about a mysterious, French nanny who was born in New York and spent most of her life in Chicago tending to her charges while exploring her passion, photography. 

In her lifetime Vivian took over 100,000 photos in Chicago, France, New York and around the world where she traveled for 8 months. 

What is most interesting about Vivian and her incredible photographs is that they were unknown until after her death. In 2007 John Maloof purchased a box of photographic negatives at a auction in Chicago with the hopes he could use some of the photos in a book he was writing. He never did use her photos in his book but he was so impressed with her work that he tracked down the other buyers of boxes from the auction and began an investigation into her life.

This film explores Vivian, her photos, film and life through John's interviews with people who knew her in her lifetime.

I loved this movie! Vivian's photography is fascinating, and raw but at the same time endearing and magical. Her "eye" captured life on the street as well as in her own life, and those she cared for.

Thanks to John Maloof and his tireless work, Vivian Maier is now considered on of the 20th centuries greatest photographer. Her work has been shown in Germany, London, New York, France, Chicago and in California and is currently being sold at 

Have you watched this movie? Did you find it interesting? Do you have any movie recommendations? Or books? Please share if you do.

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  1. Hello Elizabeth,

    Vivian Maier is indeed a most interesting woman.

    The photography museum here in Budapest held an exhibition of her work last year and that was the first we knew of her. Her photographs capture daily life from a personal perspective which is highly sensitive and individual. She really does seem to be able to look inside the very soul of her subjects.

    We have not seen the film but it does sound good viewing. We must give it a try.

  2. Yes, I've certainly heard her story, but I haven't seen the documentary yet. I'll see about its availability.

  3. Fascinating story, I had read about it in the NY Times.....I do believe taking a certain kind of picture is a gift and clearly she had it. I would love to see the movie.

  4. How funny I should come across your blog post today, because I saw this film at the Fairhope Film Festival and just this past weekend watched it again with my husband and two sons who are all photographers. We all loved it, and found Vivian to be very odd, quirky and totally talented.

  5. I have not watched this film and I am surprised because it is right up my alley. I love films like this and will add it to my list to see.


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