Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome 2015! I hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season celebrating with family and friends.

My Christmas vacation was 8 days non-stop, from the minute we woke at 6:00 am until well after 11:00 every night.  My entire family was together in the same house with 3 kids, 6 dogs, and 9 adults. Some days it was crazy, like Christmas Eve when 6 additional relatives were suppose to come for dinner and 15 showed up instead, or the 26th when my step father planned a family dog show with 15 dogs and 39 people for lunch! 

We cooked, and baked and ate and drank and ate some more. We went for long walks,  caroled, went on a Christmas scavenger hunt, attended two parties,  visited friends and believe it or not found some time to relax.

And in the midst of the Angry Birds, Lego's, every imaginable toy and character from Frozen I re-discovered what was really important in this, friends, and love.

I try not to write posts on my blog that are "too personal" as they seem to scare people away, but 2014 has been the worst year of my personal, professional and spiritual life.  I think you could probably sense that by my posts, or non-posts. 

I cannot wait to slam the door on 2014 and open a new and better chapter of my life in 2015. 

I am not the same person that I was a year ago because everything thing I believed in I have had to question and... maybe that is a good thing. 

I am happy to say that as I move into the new year things are beginning to look brighter.  I started my own artisan leather company( I will post about it later), I have renewed my faith, I now make myself a priority instead of putting myself dead last, and I am healthier and happier than I have been in a long time.

So today I wish you a blessed, happy, healthy and wondrous 2015! I hope that everything you hope and wish for yourself comes to fruition, be that writing a book, publishing a poem, having your home showcased in a magazine, recovering from an illness, repairing a broken heart, having a child and so many more beautiful and wonderful things. 

Thank you for visiting my small corner of blog world! Thank you for your friendship,  always kind comments, and your inspiration to be a better person!

Happy New Year! Happy 2015! 


  1. Dear Elizabeth...I hope 2015 brings you many beautiful blessings and much happiness. It is a testament to you that I had no idea you were having a rough year...your daily cheerful comments and ongoing friendship brightened my year. Hugs to you my wonderful friend!

  2. It sounds like you were definitely exceedingly busy!

  3. So hears to health, happiness and prosperity in 2015! Can't wait to hear about your leather company!!

  4. Hello Elizabeth

    Sorry to hear your year was challenging but also very happy to know life is looking better for you.
    I wish you joy, peace and hope in 2015. I am looking forward to reading more about your exciting business venture.

    Helen xx

  5. Happy new good health...lots of love joy and Ria...!!

  6. Elizabeth!
    I would never have known that you experienced a dreadful 2014. I cannot count the smiles you have given me. (Too numerous!) I send you a hug and a prayer for a gifted 2015! (...and hug those Doxies for me, please!)
    Seasons Blessings!
    Happy New Years!

  7. your holiday sounds so fun and special, elizabeth. thank you for sharing so candidly--i honor your courage and optimistic spirit. also i am right there with you slamming the door. let's get this new year started. peace to you right where you are.

  8. I love this time of year, all my friends are calling and writing. Here's sending
    you my best wishes for a wonderful 2015.

  9. Oh dearest Elizabeth,

    Do you know that you were "with me" last night during our poetry meeting? YES. I served up some of that Parisian tea that you sent me last year. It was such a hit. FAUCHON makes some of the best tea in the world, and my poetry guests were enchanted.

    SO MUCH HERE.....I do think that without going into too much detail, you gave us a concrete vision of what's been going on, and like you, I often don't like to give too much detail too often. But the beautiful thing is that when we do choose to share, so many caring and sincere hearts come together to support.

    I too hope that 2014 will remain a lesson but far-off memory only to open a new door for you in all aspects. You always think of others, I know...I have been the recipient of many of your generosities. But the balance of taking care of ourselves enough so we can continue to bless others is a must.

    I want to wish you peace and daily success in this: to shine in all weather, and be JOYFUL.

    Thank you for coming by. And when I think of it, my home has been published in a magazine, I have had a few articles published, so this year? To write a publishable poem. WE can do what we dream of and work hard for.

    Here's to a fabulous 2015 for both of us! HUGS,Anita


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