Sunday, February 22, 2015

Friday favorites from Half Baked Harvest, Tongue in Cheek, Heather Cristo and This is Glamerous

Good morning! I hope that you have had a great week. As is the case with much of the country it is unseasonably cold here, in fact the last few days it has been a low of 10 and a high of 25; temperatures  that low have not been seen here in years nor has the snow and ice. We do not have the infrastructure to deal with snow and ice and as a result the only roads that are cleared are the main ones; secondary roads are not plowed, nor are sub-divisions or gated communities.

In my cul de sac no one has driven down the road for 3 days. We have not received mail, Fed-ex, UPS or anything else since last week. Thankfully I work at home, but I feel sorry for the people that do not. Tomorrow will be the 4 snow-day off off school this week because of the snow and cold and Sunday it is going to be 55! Crazy weather that is for sure.

Since I have been snowbound I have been cooking and baking, in fact I have done so much that I am beginning to feel a little like a squirrel storing up acorns for winter. 

Smashed Avocado and Roasted Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I would love to escape to warm sandy beaches where I can enjoy a icy drink and a comforting sandwich, like this Smashed Avocado and Roasted Grilled Cheese sandwich from Half Baked Harvest

Image Corey Amaro of Tongue in Cheek

Of course instead of a warm sandy beach I would "settle" for a week in Venice to celebrate carnival. I have been to Venice several times but never for Carnival but seeing the photos Corey from Tongue in
Cheek took when she was there a few years ago has me putting this at the top of my travel wish list.

Speaking of travel, before Orbitz, Travelocity, Kayak and all of the other travel sites sprung up travel was more often than not planned by a travel agent. Since then people are under the mistaken impression that it is easier and less expensive to make your own arrangements. This week Sandy of You May Be Wandering posted all of the reasons that we should go back to using a travel advisor to plan our Spring Break and Summer travels. 

White Russian from Heather Cristo

If you are are going to see more record snow and cold this weekend than you may want to head over to Heather Cristo's blog and check out her 10 Best Winter Cocktails.

Image from This Is Glamorous

This past week was New York fashion week and the blogs have been alight with the latest looks, street style and more. One of my favorite blogs This is Glamorous has compiled several posts with some of the highlights. 

What are your plans for the weekend? Travel, adventure or perhaps a rest at home from all of the stress of the storms? I am undecided what I will be doing but I do know that the minute it warms up I will be out taking a walk in the sun.

Whatever you do have a safe and wonderful weekend. 


  1. Here we're quite used to snow and cold temperatures, but in places where it doesn't happen often, I can see it being very problematic.

  2. My mother has been filling me in on the ice skating rink that is now their driveway/yard..crazy! Hope things get back to normal really fast. I am stuck on that sandwich up there...soooo yummy looking. Have a nice weekend and happy cooking:)

  3. I think I can see that White Russian in my future, that's for sure ;)

    Other than that, I plan on taking a vacation from working on my house this weekend and eating popcorn while watching movies.

  4. i am still trying to get past smashed avocado sandwiches and suddenly find myself IN NEED of avocado's!
    after all the severe cold we stepped outdoors today to play with the dog; no hat, no gloves, positively "spring-like". my husband then looked at his phone for the temp. 21 degrees....what?! that is what happens i suppose.
    hope your weather eases, a forced coop-up is never fun

  5. Thank you SO much for the shout out, Elizabeth!! And all these great links...the avocado grilled cheese looks yummy...:)



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