Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Judge

 I love movies. But sadly I do not often have the time to see them in the theater, so I am a a little late to the game. If you have already seen this movie, sorry, in case you have yet to see this movie, let me recommend The Judge. I know that it received mixed reviews but I personally loved it. 

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The Judge stars Robert Downey Jr.,  Robert Duval as well as Billy Bob Thorton and several other excellent actors. Hank (Robert Downey Jr.) returns to the small town he grew up in for his mother's funeral, the visit is especially difficult as he is estranged from his father ( Robert Duval) and has not been home in many years. After an uncomfortable few days Hank leaves on yet another bad note but before he can get out of town he is called by his brother to defend his father. His father, the town judge who has been accused of murder. As he sets out to prove his fathers innocence he reconnects with the dysfunctional family he left behind years ago. 

Did you see The Judge? Did you enjoy it? Have you seen any other movies that are on Netflix, OnDemand or AppleTv? These are a few of the places we stream movies from although I am not adverse to going to the theater for a spectacular big screen recommendation.

30 Minute Soft Pretzels

If you enjoy movies at home and feel like some homemade treats try these delicious 30 Minute Soft Pretzel Nugget's that I made for the Super Bowl. 

Have a great day!


  1. I haven't seen it yet, but I'll check it out sooner or later. Downey and Duvall alone are worth seeing a film for.

  2. Hi Elizabeth I have not seen it yet; however my DIL also recommended it. Just saw The Chef on Netflix which I really loved. A feel good movie!

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  3. We just watched this too! We really enjoyed it. We are watching a movie every night as it is just too cold to go out. A lot of the ones we want to watch are not on Netflix yet so way pay the $2.99 on Amazon - we enjoyed "Begin Again", "Boyhood" (SO good!), "The Skeleton Twins" and an oldie but a goody the other night - "Wedding Crashers". :)

    Hope you are staying warm!! I am sure you are counting down until vacation time! xoxo

  4. I positively LOVED The Judge. RDjr. and Robert Duval were both incredible in it! Enjoy your Thursday!

  5. This was one I missed but would really love to see......and those pretzel bites, you better make an extra batch!


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