Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day Cards

Good morning! Are you having a good week? Is anyone else getting tired of Winter yet? I read yesterday that Boston as has 61 inches of snow! 61 inches and there are two more storm systems coming this weekend. Admittedly, in my neck of the woods it has been either unseasonable warm or cold and rainy for weeks on end but I am still ready for Spring. 

All the more reason to brighten someones day with a Valentine's Day card or letter this Saturday. If you have a significant other or a husband, wife, kids, grand-kids, parents or friends this would be an excellent time to remind them how special they are to you and your life. 

I LOVE small mail, I love to write it and to send it. There is nothing better to lift your spirits on a bad day than to hear from a parent, friend or whomever. OK, maybe your spirits could be lifted by an accompanied box of chocolates but for now lets just focus on the cards and letters. 

I moved often for school, work, to follow my husband and as a child and the one constant has always been the letters from "home."  My grandparents sent wonderful cards and care packages to my siblings and I for every holiday and most weeks in between, and those cards and letters are some of my most treasured possessions now that my grandparents are gone. 

Do you remember picking out your Valentine's cards for school? Did you like the traditional cards or were you one to pick yours based on your favorite cartoon, like Snoopy or the Smurfs? Or did you like to make them yourself out of paper and stamps to accompany the treats that you were bringing to share?

Although those memories seem like a lifetime ago they still make me smile. 

Are you making cards and gifts with your kids or grandkids? I would love to hear about them!

Speaking of which, I asked yesterday if anyone had any ideas for Valentines gifts and Suzanne of Privet and Holly left a great idea in the comment section!

Elizabeth, about four years ago I wrote a list for my husband (and each of my kids) listing ten things that I loved about them. I used heart "bullet points" and hand-wrote each item next to it. My husband and my 16 year old son still have their lists posted above their respective desks, so it obviously meant something to them : ) It's also a great exercise for the writer as a reminder of why you love the recipient so very much. Honestly, my husband and I enjoy exchanging our cards most of all on V-day. This year I also bought him a box of sea-salt caramels made locally. That and a "wee dram" of scotch is an excellent accompaniment for Downton Abby! Enjoy your lovely getaway! xo Suzanne

I think this is such a fabulous and lovely idea I cannot wait to do it for my husband and the rest of my family. What will you be doing for your loved ones? Have you ever made a list like this? 

Share your card and gift ideas, we would love to hear them!

Have a great day!


  1. Poor Boston, we have it as bad. Well, happy Valentines.
    I had planed a great day with my Daughter, but she went to Fla,
    I sent a man to plow and clean her place, he found the door open.
    Now she is mad at me because he could have been hurt.
    Told me to mind my own business. I will when I redo my will.
    The snow has given me cabin fever.

  2. Cards, chocolate and flowers are ALWAYS a treat, but I think Suzanne's idea is really special. I may copy her this year and do that for my husband and three kids. Have a beautiful day, Elizabeth! xoxo

  3. I actually love winter, though I know I'm in the minority.

    I know New England and the Atlantic provinces have all had a rough winter thus far.

  4. What a sweet idea from Suzanne! Speaking of sweet, those beautiful photos have got my sweet tooth getting excited. Have a great rest of the week, Elizabeth!

  5. Elizabeth I love your Valentines images and the thoughts from Suzanne are wonderful as well. I hope you have a sweet Valentine's Day!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. I love handwritten notes and Valentine's is a perfect time to write someone special. I took some small packages to the post office to mail to my parents (my youngest son had made sweet bookmarks for both of them) and the woman behind the counter was so kind as we chatted about the resurgence of snail mail. When I looked down she had chosen the red heart stamps that perfectly accented my packages and took a little extra care in stamping them with the red First Class stamp. I thought that simple gesture was so sweet. This week I received, from my mom, a letter I wrote to my grandmother when I was 9 or 10 years old. I remember the stationery as one of my favorites and I was quite delighted to see what I had written and decorated inside the note. It reminded me of how my youngest son writes. Finally, loving Suzanne's idea and with all men/boys in my house, that's exactly the kind of thing that I think they would appreciate!

    Happy Valentines Day!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth


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