Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentines Day Thoughts

Good morning! Happy Monday to you, did you enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend? I did and actually still am. I tagged along on a business trip with my husband and while he is working I am walking on the beach and soaking up the sun. Today it is 75 and already my cheeks are a little burned because I forgot my sunscreen.

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I was thinking this morning about Saturday being Valentine's Day and I was curious, do you "make a big thing" out if it or is just another day?

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After ten years together my husband asked me to marry him on Valentine's day so in that way it is special to me. But frankly, after 20 years together I subscribe to the "show them and tell them you love them everyday" line of thinking. 

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That said, I am curious what do you give to your special someone, your husband or your wife for Valentines day? Do you make a special meal?

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A delectable chocolate dessert or perhaps something bathed in pink and white? Do you try to find the perfect gift or do you write a beautiful letter or poem?

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I am in a quandary because time is running short and I still cannot find "the perfect" gift. It is actually something I struggle with every holiday because I do not like to give gifts that are not heartfelt, I would rather give nothing than just settle for something. I will go and ponder that and in the meantime, perhaps you could offer me a few suggestions on what to give the man who has everything!

Have a great day!


  1. Elizabeth, about four years
    ago I wrote a list for my husband
    (and each of my kids) listing
    ten things that I loved about
    them. I used heart "bullet points"
    and hand-wrote each item
    next to it. My husband and my
    16 year old son still have their
    lists posted above their respective
    desks, so it obviously meant
    something to them : ) It's also
    a great exercise for the writer
    as a reminder of why you love
    the recipient so very much.
    Honestly, my husband and I
    enjoy exchanging our cards
    most of all on V-day. This
    year I also bought him a box
    of sea-salt caramels made
    locally. That and a "wee dram"
    of scotch is an excellent
    accompaniment for Downton

    Enjoy your lovely getaway!

    xo Suzanne

  2. For me, it's just another day, but then I'm single.

  3. How wonderful that you were able to join your husband and that you have had great weather! Valentine's Day is pretty much a normal day around my house - we never really celebrated it for some reason. I am more excited about the weekend because my son is coming home from college - I will cook both my "boys" a great dinner to celebrate both events. Enjoy the beach, Elizabeth! xoxo

  4. Hope you are having a wonderful time at the beach - 75 sounds heavenly!
    We always do something for Valentine's day like a special dinner, but no huge gifts…enjoy your time away!


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