Thursday, March 26, 2015

15 Easter Brunch Ideas

Good morning! Easter is fast approaching, and I am gathering a few ideas to celebrate the day. I always enjoy brunch because there is something for everyone, a little savory and little sweet and a little healthy too. Not to mention that after brunch and then a rest there are always leftovers to enjoy later on in the afternoon!

These are a few of my picks for Easter brunch, ham, salads, fruit and more. 

Ham from Martha Stewart

Tomato Tart from Country Living

Tomato Salad

Gingered Fruit Compote from Better Homes and Gardens

Blackberry Salad from Better Homes and Gardens


Almond Sweet Rolls

Vanilla Peach Coffee Cake

Cream Filled Vanilla Cake with Berries

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Italian Cream Cake


Bloody Mary from Country Living

Morning Mimosa from Martha Stewart

What are your plans for Easter, do you make a big lunch, have brunch, go out or dine with friends? I hope that if you are hosting the celebration this year that you found something here that you ight want to make. If you have some family favorites or other fabulous recipes then please share with the rest of us!

Have a great day. 


  1. all looks delicious. This year it will simply be the two of us.... I'm not certain what our plans will be. I know you will have something beautiful and delicious!

  2. Elizabeth every single dish looks yummy! The tomato tart, the scalloped potatoes and oh how delish those deserts!!

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  3. I am starving now even more than before I got here!! I will start with the tomato tart, move onto the potato dish and finish it up with the sweet buns...yum yum!

  4. Thank you Elizabeth I love looking at new recipes...were still not sure what we're doing on Easter. My son is rowing at a regatta at Stanford that weekend so we're being flexible.


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