Saturday, March 7, 2015

Friday Favorites from Madeleif, Bright Bold Beautiful, Suffolk Pebbles, Five Heart Home and More

Happy Friday! I have started counting the days until Spring in the hopes that spring-like weather actually appears on said day. Sadly I do not think that will be the case but a girl can dream can't she?

Yesterday it was 70, I went for a long walk and tried to soak up as much vitamin D and sun as I could because today it is 20!

This week my Friday Favorites are all about spring colors, and inspiration for warmer days. 

Spring and tulips go hand in hand and this easy centerpiece from Bright Bold Beautiful would be a perfect and easy arrangement for both Spring and Easter as well. As I do not have a mason jar I think I will substitute a clear vase instead but I love the almonds that look like Easter eggs!

Image Madeleif

Are you familiar with Madeleif? If not you must visit and check out her spectacular photography  and these Spring flowers which have me in the mood to order a bunch of bulb and start planting.

Suffolk Pebbles

This week I discovered a new blog Suffolk Pebbles and I think it will become a favorite of yours as it is mine. 

Image Pine Cones and Acorns

If you are dreaming of the sand and sun then make sure to check out my post this week about the Omni Amelia Island Resort & Plantation.

Spring Salad from Five Heart Home

Pinterest is a favorite place for many to find recipes and this Spring Salad from Five Heart Home  caught my eye to make when the weather warms a bit. 

Strawberry Cake

I realize that for many more snow is coming, but I think this Strawberry Cake from Spiced will make any weekend brighter. I think I might make this over the weekend just so that I can image how Spring will feel in just a few weeks.

I hope that you found a few things here to brighten your day. If you found something great this week I would love to hear about it!

I hope that you have a safe and wonderful weekend.


  1. Hello Elizabeth,

    Madelief is a great friend of ours and, we absolutely agree, her blog is truly stunning. She has a wonderfully creative eye and this shines through everything she does both indoors and out. Her spring flowers are bringing cheer to these grey wintry days!

    And, yes, we too have just discovered Suffolk Pebbles. We love the sea and the photography used on this blog is stunning. A great find!

  2. I am definitely counting the days until Spring! We got at least ten more inches of fresh snow yesterday. I think I would be going totally nuts if I hadn't gotten out of town (and if I wasn't leaving again soon)! As always, thanks for the links and the tasty recipes! Have a beautiful weekend, Elizabeth!! xoxo

  3. That strawberry cake looks far too tempting!

  4. i am most definitely dreaming of sand and sun as well as eating your strawberry cake with my eyes. i believe we have experienced the coldest of the cold we will see this year so it can only get balmier now. i can't wait for the trees to bud and for my heart to bloom again. peace to you.

  5. how thrilled I was to see that you have given my blog a mention here! Thank you. I am also eager for spring to arrive and yearning to get out and do some gardening ...Have a great weekend, Elizabeth x

  6. Good morning Elizabeth! I love Madelief's work and blog. You have an array of color here that is making me smile and hope that our spring will come soon! Happy weekend my friend, Anita

  7. I do really like Madelief so I'm happy to see her here. Great post !


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