Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vanilla Bean Tapioca Pudding with Raspberries

Good morning! How was your weekend? What did you do, anything exciting or just relaxing? I am Spring cleaning, I think I made about 10 trips to the donation center, and things are looking a lot fresher around here.  Then it was off to the kitchen for a break.

I love dessert and if it is quick and easy that makes it all the better. Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy complicated desserts or dough that has to "marinate" for 24 house, but sometimes you just want something that take no time and taste delicious. 

That is where this Vanilla Bean Tapioca pudding come in, this recipe from start to finish is less than 30 minutes, cooling time is additional so if you like your pudding chilled add another hour. 

As I am sure that you do I have other recipes for Tapioca pudding that you use large pearls that you soak for no less than 12 hours and those recipes are great, this is not that recipe. This recipe uses instant tapioca and I think it tastes just as good, if not better.

Vanilla Bean Tapioca Pudding

1/3 cup sugar
3. Tablespoons instant Tapioca
23/4 cups of milk
1 egg, well beaten
11/2 Teaspoon vanilla bean paste

Berries for garnish

Mix the sugar, tapioca, milk and egg in a medium sauce pan and let stand for 5 minutes. 

After 5 minutes, cook over medium heat, string constantly until mixture comes to a full boil. Then remove from heat and stir in vanilla bean paste.

Cool for 20 minutes and then stir. You can serve warm of chilled. If you would like creamier pudding be sure the put plastic wrap over the surface of the pudding while it is cooling. 

Garnish with berries and enjoy!

What did I tell you it can not be any easier and this pudding is creamy, tasty and delicious. The berries add the perfect taste of spring and summer. 

Please do not leave me any negative comments if you are a tapioca purists, I think there is room in all kitchens for preparing the pudding both ways. But if you have a great recipe please share it. 

I hope that you have a great week!


  1. Yum, I love tapioca pudding! Looks lovely!

  2. Oh, yummmmmm! Anything with raspberries is on my list for a mouth-watering event! And vanilla? Vanilla rivals with chocolate for me, and I am never quite sure which taste I prefer, but vanilla brings up so many great memories. My mother used to make rice pudding with lots of vanilla and cinnamon (very Spanish) and now you have me thinking....

    Good morning dear Elizabeth! Thank you for coming to leave me a comment. Yes, I am going to have a blast editing all these posts I am in the process of gathering; I won't be using all my posts, but only those that have a more poetic twist. Seven years worth of ideas to sift through and work with, but that is what I intend to finish by the end of summer.

    Have a super day my friend. Anita

  3. Sounds delicious! Thanks for joining HSH!


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