Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Tulip by Anna Pavord

I know there are no tulips in this vase, these were my Easter flowers. 

Good morning! How is your week progressing? Have you survived the copious amounts of Easter candy sitting you may or may not have consumed? I was really good this year, I only ate one chocolate egg, which is way better than other years when I apparently thought Reece's was never going to produce another peanut butter egg because then I am sure in a month I ate a case!

Tulips are my favorite flower in the world and to me they are the symblo of Spring. I typically prefer white but honestly any color makes me happy. 

Although I am not a big gardner I collect books about flowers and still life art which includes flowers. One of the most beautiful books I have in my collection is The Tulip by Anna Pavord.

 Although not necessarily a gardening book it is a book including not only the history of the tulips but also beautiful illustrations. There is so much information in this book at times it is a bit much to take it all in. 

If you are a tulip lover or know someone that is this book would be a beautiful addition to their collection.

I hope that you have a beautiful Spring day!


  1. Hello Elizabeth,

    Anna Pavord is indeed a most erudite plantswoman and this book on the Tulip was the result of much academic research. It is, nevertheless, as you say, a most comprehensive and informative book with the most delightful illustrations. Surely, a gift guaranteed to bring pleasure to whomever it is given.

  2. i am and always have been obsessed with tulips.
    great post!

  3. oh those images, some would make interesting wallpaper

    love tulips for the same reason elizabeth! hoping there are many blooming where you are

  4. Good Morning Elizabeth:) I have pink tulips in my kitchen that are getting ready to open up as soon as the sunlight comes in the kitchen. Seattle has a tulip festival in May and it's incredible to see in person. This book looks gorgeous and the pictures could be framed:) Have a wonderful day!

  5. Tulips here will come in May. We actually have a tulip festival in Ottawa that dates back to the post-Second World War era and came out of a gift the Dutch people still keep up, tulips sent in thanks for the liberation. The festival is huge here.

  6. Beautiful post dear Elizabeth. The illustrations from your book are charming. Yes, I agree that tulips are a delicate, with a pure line of beauty. They are difficult to beat. Unfortunately, here in Brisbane, Australia they are extremely difficult to grow....much too hot unfortunately. But I remember seeing all the tulips in chilly every conceivable that was a feast for the eyes. We actually visited Alsmeer....the Dutch flower market that distributes tulips worldwide. Fabulous! You would love that Elizabeth.

    Anyway, enjoy the last of your beautiful Easter bunch!



  7. I LOVE tulips and actually have some in my kitchen right now…so happy!

  8. Elizabeth this was such a surprise visit because I have had this book on tulips for years and years! I love the glorious art images some of which date back many centuries! Thank you for featuring this treasure!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Nathaniel Galka

  9. Tulips are gorgeous and such a breath of fresh air in Spring!

  10. Hello Elizabeth, I hope you had a lovely Easter. Sounds like you were such a good girl with the chocolate, although I love those Reese's eggs too hahah. Yes, tulips are so pretty, they represent Springtime to me. So happy looking.


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