Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Bucket List

Good morning! How are you? How is your summer going? Mine has been BUSY; lots of family, friends, road trips, vacations, adventures, and more. I will tell you later about a few of my trips to North Carolina, Wisconsin, Louisiana and all stops in between. 

I cannot believe it is already the middle of July. Summer is almost over and I am beginning to feel like a kid that has to go back to school soon. So this week my mind is on my summer "bucket list." Did you make one? 

I wrote down a few things I wanted to do at the beginning of summer and have been slowly ticking them off. Simple things like watching the fireworks, going on a picnic, spending lots of time at the beach, laying by the pool, spending afternoons reading, and taking a few road trips but I still have a few things to left to do. 

I still want to:

Do a little stargazing
Make s'mores over a bon fire with my nieces and nephew
Visit a new place
Take in a few museums
Visit a few historical sights
Get to know my city better
Catch fireflies with the kids
Take up a new hobby
Attend an outdoor concert

What about you? Did you make a list of fun things you wanted to do this summer? How are you coming along on your list?

I plan on ticking off a few things this week and maybe you will too.

I hope that you have a great day!


  1. Sounds great can I stow away in your suitcase? xo K

  2. Oh, I hear ya, Elizabeth! And I've been living here in Minneapolis for 18 years now, and just yesterday, for the first time, I actually explored DOWNTOWN, which is only 10 minutes from my house. I am going back again tomorrow with some COLD HARD CASH! Oh the fun. And like you, I want to stargaze.....tonight perhaps! We get into the habit of staying up in front of a good movie, when I really would love to go out and stare into the sky.....HAVE FUN!!!!!

  3. Museums are always a good way to spend a summer's day, particularly if one prefers cooler spaces!

  4. Elizabeth, It sounds like your summer is going well. I just mentioned this weekend the summer is almost over, and I have yet begun to enjoy it. It is all good though! Enjoy the remainder of your week, and the weekend.

  5. Love your list..all sounds wonderful! I will add more days to the beach and a European holiday to my list!

  6. Ahhhh...sounds heavenly...and the photo of the beach makes me homesick! Have a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth...I hope you cross a few things off your list! xoxo

  7. Your wonderful list is so inspiring!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Your summer bucket list sounds wonderful. You've even given me some ideas. I can't remember the last concert I've been to and I've been wanting to try a new hobby. We did just come back from vacation, which wasn't long enough.

    By the way, I'm glad I found your blog today. I really enjoyed the visit... :)


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